How to Soften Canvas Tarp

Your canvas tarp longevity depends on the care and maintenance you give to it. Keeping your canvas dirty and wet will make it wear out quickly.  While the durability of a tarp depends on its type and how it’s being used, proper maintenance can lead to more life and usability.  Nonetheless, canvas is a natural … Read more

What is the Best Wood for Bow Drill?

What is the Best Wood for Bow Drill

 A bow drill is a simple tool that is mainly used to start a fire on a small pile of dried sticks or firewood. It’s a very crucial tool for bushcraft as it allows survivalists to start a fire easily. This tool comprises four main parts, including the drill, handle, drill, and fireboard. Each part … Read more

How to Make a River Cane Fish Trap

How to Make a River Cane Fish Trap

A mutual relationship exists between fishing and bushcrafting – the two activities go hand in hand.  Seasoned anglers will confirm that one secret to successful survival fishing is getting the right equipment.  While it might be daunting to carry all your fishing gear from home to the wild, you can still make DIY fishing equipment … Read more