Air Mattress Losing Air but No Hole

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There are a lot of pleasures and advantages of owning an Air mattress when bushcrafting. However, a common phenomenon with these mattresses is that they will always deflate overnight.

It can be frustrating to wake up on a sagged mattress even after checking thoroughly for a hole and pumping it airtight before sleeping.

If you want to know why your air mattress is losing air with no holes, you have come to the right page.

There are a couple of reasons why air mattresses will lose air even without a single hole. Fortunately, it’s possible to fix this issue after learning a few tricks.

Read on to discover what causes a mattress to lose air with no holes and how to go around this problem.

Why Your Mattress is Losing air with No Hole

  1.     Surrounding Temperatures

Temperature is the leading cause of the deflations seen in air mattresses. If you inflate your bed during the day, at night, the temperatures will fall. This will contract air inside, thus reducing the volume of the air mattress.

When the room temperature is high, the PVC materials may heat up and soften. Whenever you lay on such a mattress, you will feel like it’s losing air.

To fix this problem, you can refill your bed before you sleep to replace the void created by the contracting air.

You can also try to maintain the temperatures around the mattress. This means using heaters near the mattress to regulate the temperatures. But you have to be careful not to burn your mattress with the heater.

  1.     Auto-Adjustments

Auto-adjustments are expected the first time you inflate your mattress after buying it. New mattresses have not adjusted fully to their average size.

Once you inflate it fully, the materials making your mattress will stretch a bit to get into position.

Thus the mattress will look somehow sagged. This is normal and should not cause alarm.

After all, it’s very simple to solve this problem. All you have to do is add more air until the mattress gates into its perfect shape.

If you are going out with it, you can inflate it fully one night before going out. This will iron everything out before you go camping.

  1.     External Pumps

A mattress that uses external pumps will lose some air when you disconnect the pump. The air lost is negligible to a point you won’t realize when it’s coming out.

But in combination with other factors like the effects of the surrounding temperatures, it can lead to a significant loss of air.

The good thing is that nowadays there are mattresses that come with internal air pumps, and they are free from this problem.

  1.     Incorrect Usage

When you are exhausted from the hustle and bustles of the day, and all you want is an immediate sleep.

You will most likely have no time to go through an entire user manual on how to inflate your air mattress.

You may know from experience how to inflate air mattresses, but your new mattress could be different.

Mattresses made by different manufacturers will have different usage directions. The best thing you can do is go through your user manual before operating the air mattresses.

Another wrong usage mattress is when you leave it inflated with children. Kids love having fun, and will jump on it.

 Eventually, your kids will learn how to inflate and deflate the mattress. One thing you can be sure of is that they will mess with it somehow.

  1.     Overloading

Every air mattress has a weight limit that is recommended by the manufacturer. Exceeding this weight limit will lead to leakage of air from the mattress.

This is the main reason you cannot use a twin-sized air mattress for king-sized purposes.

Sitting on a bed also applies more pressure on a bed as compared to sleeping. If you have two or more heavy people sitting on an air mattress, it will quickly exceed its weight limit.

How to Prevent Air Mattresses from Losing Air 

If you are tired of waking up on a deflated mattress, then it’s time to learn how to stop this problem.

Below are some of the ways to prevent your air mattress from deflating with no hole:

  •         Never Exceed the Mattress Capacity

You should never assume things. Check the weight limit that is recommended by the manufacturer of your mattress. Not all brands have the same carrying capacity.

Exceeding the weight limits will create air bubbles, which will lead to air loss even without holes in the air mattress.

  •         Monitor the Surrounding Temperature

Temperature is the primary determinant of the air volume inside of the air mattress. Therefore, by regulating the surrounding temperature, you are maintaining the volume of air inside the mattress.

When the temperatures start dropping, you can use a heater to maintain temperatures.

  •         Always Deflate Your Mattress After Use

It’s always a good practice to deflate your mattress after waking up.

Leaving your mattress inflated the whole day will expose it to many conditions such as high temperatures, which may increase pressure on the mattress.

If your children are around throughout the day, they will be attracted to play on inflated air mattresses.

  •         Go for Dual Pump System or Internal Pumping System

Internal pumps are found in modern mattresses and are not prone to air loss.

You can also invest in a dual pump system air mattress as it has more advantages over a single pumping system.


All air mattresses lose air even when they don’t have holes, and there are several reasons for that.

However, the cause of air loss in different air mattresses may differ depending on brand and the pumping system.

The only sure way to know how to solve your problems is by going through your user manual. That way, you will find information relevant to your air mattress brand.

You can also employ the above methods to solve the issue. If none seems to work, chances are there is a hole in your mattress, and all you need is a proper check and sealing. 





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