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Are BIC Lighters Refillable? [What You Should Know]

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BIC lighters are the most preferred outdoor lighter for providing fire, and they are generally the most affordable source of heat.

However, they tend to run out after a short period, and this makes the cost of buying them to be high. Is your lighter out of fluid? Well, worry no more since there is a way on how to refill them.

Are BIC lighters refillable? Yes. No need to drop a few dollars purchasing a new one. The article provides possible steps on how to refill a disposable lighter like BIC. Read through also to get finer details about BIC lighters.

What are BIC lighters?

BIC lighter is a disposable lighter that uses lighter fluid or fuel. The liquid is highly flammable liquefied gas, and it is colorless.

It is among the famous lighters for outdoor, and it is regarded as suitable for generating fire during survival in the wilderness.

The lighter is also commonly used by smokers instead of matchboxes. It cannot be affected by changes in the weather like matchboxes.

Are they Refillable?

According to the manufacturer’s instruction, BIC lighters are non-refillable. The description on the package indicates that BIC lighters are disposable, and this implies that they are non-refillable.

They strongly emphasize the term disposable since they do not want their customers to experience certain risks linked to refilling the lighter.

Safety is always the first thing many companies adore to enable them to stay in the market for a long time as compared to their competitors. However, many people have gone out of their ways and try to come up with new inventions on how to refill the lighter

. The economy is becoming difficult, and people want to save a few dollars to cater for other things. These disposal BIC lighters usually run out fast and call to action the need for refill despite them not being expensive.

Several experts know various ways on how to refill them at much affordable price as compare to purchasing a new one. It is the reason why disposal BIC lighters are refillable, and it is the way many people have opted. Am glad that you’re still reading the post.

How are BIC Lighters Made?

Before discussing various ways on how to refill a disposal BIC lighter, it is worth to understand the general anatomy of the lighter. Knowing these parts will enable you to understand their roles while refilling. Let’s get deeper understanding now.

The Ball: This is a seal ensure the lighter fluid is trapped inside the body and below the base throughout while using it.

Body and Base: The body is typically the case that holds the lighter fluid. The body is usually transparent to enable you to watch the level of the liquid. The base control how the fuel is released for lighting.

Valve: This is a small tube where the gas passes through. It is typically used to regulate the flow and release of the fuel when lighting to form a flame.

Guard: It is a semi-circle contraption that protects the spark wheel, and it is the reason why BIC lighters are child resistant.

Spark Wheel: This is a roller wheel where an individual flick to result in a flame. The bike is usually serrate to create friction.

Hood: It is a windshield, and it is made of steel. It offers heat protection to the lighter. Flint and Flint Wheel: These two parts work hand-in-hand to give spark wheel ability to generate more flint.

Fork, spring, and Jet: These parts are typically meant to control the release of gas from the base. They ensure the lighter works properly.

Safety and Manufacturing Standards

BIC lighters are ISO certify. This implies that they meet all the safety standards during their development. Some of the common safety standards they meet are producing maximum heat height, flame extinction, heat resistance, and resistant to breakage after falling.

It is also fitted with a safety guard attached to spark, making it difficult for children to lit fire unnecessary. It is regarded as child resistant product for lighting.

The company uses strict quality control measures to ensure the product released to the market meets the safety standard measures.

How to Refill Disposable Bic Lighters

BIC Company is out here to make a profit just like any other company. It is the reason why they do not make their lighters refillable.

If they happen to make them refillable, then the chances of staying in the market for the next decade will be becoming narrower. According to research, some experts have found out that BIC lighters can be refilled instead of dropping them away.

It is the reason why the company has moved a step further to start distributing lighter fuel to the public for refilling, but they have put a lot of caution in case of any risk.

The following are little steps to follow when refilling the disposal of lighter fuel. Let’s see how they work.

  1. Push the ball bearing at the bottom of the lighter once, the lighter fluid is done.
  2. Use a glue gun to fill it up once the hole is open.
  3. Push the glue in and use a push pin to pierce it.
  4. Place the nozzle of butane can in the pierced hole and pour in gently until it is full.
  5. Remove the nozzle once you are done with filling.
  6. Use a push pin to prevent the fuel from spilling out.
  7. Flick the spark wheel. It is now ready to use again.

Note: Stay away from any flame when refilling your BIC lighter. Butane is a highly flammable substance, and it can cause risk when it comes close to the open fire.

Final Thoughts

Creativity can make impossible become possible. I hope the steps and the anatomy of the BIC lighter will enable you to refill it when the fuel runs out.

Although manufacturers claim refilling the lighter is impossible, but the steps above prove it is quite possible once you understand the anatomy of the lighter.

Put all the precautions into consideration and follow the steps provided to make your dream of saving a few dollars come true.

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