How to Stop Wood from Splitting When Drying

How to Stop Wood from Splitting When Drying

When creating a shelter in the wild, you cannot use green wood for construction and carpentry, and there are many reasons for that. It’s essential to store your wood until it dries completely to get the best out of it. However, as the wood dries, many threats come up. A good example of such threats … Read more

Can I Put my Backpack in the Washer?

Can You Put a Backpack in the Washer

Washing a backpack can be challenging, and so many users want to know whether they can put their backpacks in a washer. With most, the answer is yes. It depends on the material, but most backpacks are made of nylon or canvas and are safe to put in the washing machine.  There are some materials … Read more

Air Mattress Losing Air but No Hole

Air Mattress Losing Air but No Hole

There are a lot of pleasures and advantages of owning an Air mattress when bushcrafting. However, a common phenomenon with these mattresses is that they will always deflate overnight. It can be frustrating to wake up on a sagged mattress even after checking thoroughly for a hole and pumping it airtight before sleeping. If you … Read more

Can You Boil Water in a Stainless Steel Water Bottle?

Can You Boil Water in a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The simple answer is “yes.” Stainless steel water bottles are the best when it comes to cooking and boiling water outdoors. However, this doesn’t mean that all stainless-steel water bottles are fit for boiling water and cooking. Some steel water bottles are suitable for boiling water while others are not. See, stainless steel water bottles … Read more

Best Cree Flashlight for Bushcraft and Survival

Best Cree Flashlight for Bushcraft

A Cree flashlight has unique features that make it suitable for emergency situations. Multiple lighting modes and battery options are just some of the many safety features that differentiate it from “ordinary” survival flashlights.  These tools also come in handy when you experience a blackout or get stranded on a dark and lonely pathway. So, … Read more

Best Bug Out Bags for Survival and Bushcrafting

Best Bug out Bags for Survival and Bushcrafting

When planning to head into the wild, packing and preparing all your survival supplies needs a quality bug-out bag. These packs will help you grab your survival gear, stuff them in, and go out when it’s time! Buying the best bug out bag to suit your specific bushcraft needs is ultimately an objective choice. You … Read more

Best Paracords for Bushcraft 2021

emergency paracord

Updated 4/11/2021 Paracords are versatile gears of a survival kit. While ropes can handle the tasks paracords can do, paracords are undoubtedly a step higher.  That said, anyone heading out for a bushcraft adventure needs a paracord. We understand their immense benefits, and that’s why we’ve gone ahead to compile the top 6 best paracords … Read more

Best Survival Machete 2021 (UPDATED)

Best Bushcraft Machete

Updated 4/11/2021 Bushcraft machetes, more versatile than the bushcraft tomahawks, are wilderness tools that every outdoor fanatic should own. Though the survival tools are only considered as weapons, they do more than that. They’re jacks-of-all-trades and will do it all, from heavy-duty works like cutting or splitting logs to detailed jobs such as carving wood.  … Read more

Best Bushcraft Stoves

Best Bushcraft Stoves

There’s nothing as good as a hot meal after a long and tiresome trail. While many bushcraft lovers prefer building a cooking fire, this may not always be convenient. A bushcraft stove boils water and cooks food quickly, eliminating the hassles of gathering and tending wood to make a fire. In fact, survival stoves are … Read more

Best Survival Socks

Best Survival Socks

Walking around on cold feet can be troublesome, especially for those who love living in the wild. It gets frosty during winter, and this may last for around six months. Instead of subjecting your feet to cold, why not take some survival socks with you? Survival socks are not like ordinary socks. They are specially … Read more