How to Start a Fire with Wet Wood

creating a fire using wet wood

When it comes to bushcrafting and surviving in the wild, Fire is one of the most crucial things you need in the wild, It can help cook your food, Dry your clothes, keep you warm and even protect you from harmful animals in the wild. Fortunately, most people do have the right skills to start … Read more

What is a Bushcraft Knife? [Everything You Need to Know]

wilderness survival knife

Whether you’re an outdoorsy person, an introvert who likes staying inside watching TV, or even both, you’ve probably heard about some types of hunting or outdoors knives. You might not have encountered different specific types, but the concept is not completely alien. Maybe you’re familiar with some types and got curious about the bushcraft knife. … Read more

Best Bushcraft Knife 2020: The Ultimate Review & Buying Guide

top survival knife

Bushcraft is about thriving in the natural environment and the acquisition of skills to do so. The skills include tracking, hunting, fire craft, fishing, shelter building, navigation, forging, water sourcing, and carving wood among others. You would think that adventures in the wild would require something bulky and a large tool but you’d be surprised … Read more