Best Bug Out Bags for Survival and Bushcrafting

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When planning to head into the wild, packing and preparing all your survival supplies needs a quality bug-out bag. These packs will help you grab your survival gear, stuff them in, and go out when it’s time!

Buying the best bug out bag to suit your specific bushcraft needs is ultimately an objective choice. You determine your preferred size, shape, comfort level, uses, and much more. It also involves comparing a load of features, models, makes, and functionalities to get your perfect fit.

If unsure of where and how to start, our comprehensive review will help you out. This guide includes the top 5 best bug-out bags.  For your convenience, we’ve also included a buyers’ guide to help you make a wise purchase decision. 

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Top 5 Best Bug-out Bags

ImageProductManufacturerColor MaterialLiter/Size
MYSTERY RANCH 2 Day Assault BackpackMYSTERY RANCHCoyoteCordura27L
3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Assault Backpack3V GearBlackPVC backed polyester27L
Mountainsmith Day Lumbar PackMountainsmithHeritage BlackCordura13L
Osprey Stratos 34 Men's Hiking BackpackOsprey PacksBlackNylon crosshatch fabric3L
Direct Action Ghost Tactical BackpackDirect ActionBlack Mk IiCordura 500D31L

1) Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack

For years now, this bag has been used by military people to carry different accessories and weapons. But with time, hunters, wildland firefighters, and mountaineering customers use the backpack to assemble and pack their bushcraft gear.

The backpack has a Y-shaped zipper from a well-known manufacturing company, YKK zippers. The zippers facilitate easy opening of the bag and also make unloading faster. You can opt for top loading, full unzip, or horizontal access, to bring stress-free access to your essentials.

This product is intended to be rough, lightweight, adaptable, and of course, flexible. It’s capable of handling and adapting to whatever rugged situation. You’ll appreciate the high tenacity level of the fabric that promises durability. 

Surprisingly, the gear can expand to carry loads that vary in size, shape, and weight. If not in use, it easily collapses into a compact size for easy portability. More to this, the bag has a netting on its edges and bottom parts that protects your accessories from falling off. 

The side molle webbing provides more space therefore increasing its carrying capacity. Since the pouch comes at 30L carrying capacity, you can fit all your tools having this capacity and start your journey.The many straps and connected chains helps to attach the larger tools.

You can now plan for your SHTF adventures confidently knowing that the Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack will carry all you need!


  • Durable
  • Designed to carry urban necessities
  • Built for rugged missions
  • Water Bottle side pockets
  • Molle webbing
  • Adjustable harness


  • Costly

2) 3V Gear Velox II Quick Action Backpack

Looking for a good bug-out backpack for your bushcraft adventures? 3V Gear Velox II Quick Action Backpack is the real deal! The backpack was designed for mountaineering tourists like you, and it, therefore, understands life in the wilderness.

This bag is designed to be rough and tough. It can adapt to any situation. For starters, the rugged fabric is wear-resistant and repels water. That means if you’ve carried delicate stuff like a laptop or phone, the Velox backpack will offer utmost protection. With this feature, you also needn’t worry about durability.

Noteworthy, this pouch fits all your gear easily. Not to mention its strong elastic expandable straps that don’t rip off even if you’ve filled the bag to the brim.

It’s also a generous backpack boasting a 27L volume capacity with lots of pockets to fit all your stuff. 

The bag’s main section has a unique clamshell-like design that allows you to open the bag wholly. This feature helps you to arrange your things in an organized manner.

This product is suitable for those planning to spend many days and nights touring the wild. If you’re not using it, you can neatly fold it into a compact size, and you’re good to go. 

It is indeed the real deal!


  • Heavy-duty padded shoulder straps 
  • Rugged fabric that is wear-resist and repels water
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Adjustable sternum strap and waist belt
  • Compression straps to secure your accessories
  • Comes with a padded grab handle


  • Lacks organizational features

3)  Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack

Mountainsmith is a 40-year-old company popularly known for designing the best camping bug-out bags. The Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack is no exception!

Meet this 13l gear that offers an 800 cubic inch volume capacity. This space is sufficient to store nearly all your essentials in an organized manner. Unlike other models, this bug-out bag doesn’t sag down even when packed to the brim. Rather, it stands stiff on the back, giving your body balance as you walk.

This multi-use pack is an everyday bag that helps you maneuver through the urban environment. It’s not too bulky to fit under an airplane seat or move through a crowd.

The capacity of the backpack is large enough for daily needs. For starters, it has a water bottle pocket that holds your bottle. You can as well squeeze in smaller accessories like cell phones into the side pockets.

The lumbar pack has webbing on the outward part. Unlike other bags, this lumbar has tie-down straps that firmly hold on to your shoulders; you don’t have to worry if your bag will fall off. The most amazing thing about this bag is you can leave your hands to swing freely when walking, and this helps in case you encounter an emergency.

This bug-out pack has multiple roles, it can act as a messenger bag, disc golf carrier, diaper bag, office briefcase, hiking pack, and anything that comes in your mind. With this pack, you can go hiking, fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, climbing, and camping.  

This pack has an ultra-durable fabric made out of cordura material, which is ideal for battling the daily grind to survive some of the world’s toughest environments.


  • Tuck-away waist belt
  • Adjustment webbing
  • Interior foam for tablet carrying
  • Interior zippered compartment for smaller valuables


  • Not too spacious

4) Osprey Stratos 34

Our list couldn’t be complete without the Osprey Stratos 34. Why? Because it is the go-to option for those looking for quality and durable outdoors packs.

The design expertise is undeniably excellent. It suits best if you’re planning to use the backpack for bugging out. 

Though it has a robust construction, Stratos 34 perfectly fits in the category of lightweight bags. It won’t weigh you down even after long-hours of trekking the rugged mountainous terrains. 

The internal frame keeps the bug-out bag from scrunching during transport. This, in turn, makes packing and carrying lots of accessories a manageable experience. 

You’ll get long-term carrying comfort since the harness of the bag has a suspension mechanism. This shoulder harness, together with a ventilated back-panel, guarantees a perfect fit without sagging. 

And since the unit is designed from a light nylon crosshatch fabric, it’ll give you approximately 34L volume capacity. You can stretch the mesh pockets on either side to create additional convenient storage spaces for smaller items like water bottles. But even with this lavish space, the bag only weighs 3 pounds when unloaded.

Multi-purpose and versatility would be the two main terms to describe this product. It has an integrated removable rain-cover. When raining, pull out the cover and protect your delicate accessories from getting wet. 

Lastly, the bag has a stow-on-the-go pole attachment that allows you to attach and carry poles while wearing the backpack. This unique feature gives the bug-out bag a competitive advantage over other camping bags with a similar make.  


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Has a Light-Wire alloy frame for stability
  • Features a well-ventilated mesh harness
  • Lightweight when unfolded
  • 210D nylon crosshatch material for durability


  • The hydration sleeve is sold separately
  • Lots of straps

5) Direct Action Ghost Tactical Backpack

Direct Action Ghost tactical survival bag was intended for military use with an operational range of three days. Besides this characteristic, it combines operational capacity and durability, making it suitable for the wild. 

So, if you’re still after a superb survival bag for bugging out and assembling your survival kit, this product will do the trick. 

It is designed from a 500D Cordura material and features the YKK Zippers. Amazingly, you can operate this zip function while wearing the bag, making it fully modular.

Its new design features redesigned side pockets. These pockets are well-equipped with elastic material for expansion. 

Though it comes with multiple features, the product is still lightweight and thus suitable for high-end users.

The Patent design offers increased comfort during prolonged use. This feature makes it great for traveling and hiking.

The Ghost provides a total 31L carrying capacity, a decent storage space for storing all your survival supplies and equipment. 

This unit’s stand-out feature is that it includes a detachable 3.5L external pocket, ideal for storing your essential supplies. 


  • Detachable front pocket
  • Durable build quality
  • Has modular compatibility
  • Hydration bladder storage
  • Perfect for survival situations


  • Relatively expensive

Best Bug out Bags Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best bug out bag to suit your needs can be a hectic exercise. This is because the whole activity involves balancing personal preferences and essential considerations. To make your work easier, we’ve compiled the top factors to consider when looking for the best choice. 

  • Space

You don’t want to imagine leaving behind some important camping accessories because your bag was too small to accommodate everything. In emergency situations, organization can be a critical factor. It determines whether or not you’ll manage to include all the essential gears needed for your outdoor adventure.

The more zippers, straps, pockets, and loops your bug-out bag has,  the more neat and organized you’ll be when arranging your accessories in it. Therefore, be sure to go for a pack that offers sufficient space to store your stuff. 

  • Range

There’s no ‘standard’ length or time duration that a survival pack should have. However, the basic rule of thumb states that you should go for a bug-out bag a minimum of 3 days or 72 hours use.

Many bags on the market are marketed with the 72 hours ‘range’. This feature means that the gear can carry a 72-hour supply of hydration, nutrition, shelter, and much more. The bags have sufficient room for packing all this equipment.

  • Backpack Access

A good bug out bag should allow the most basic form of access; top-loading access. This access offers an effective way of unpacking and packing your accessories out and in of the bag. It allows you to do so in an organized manner. 

Bags with this access are an excellent alternative to the traditional bug out backpacks, especially if you want a way to access all your stuff quickly. 

  • Organization

Internal division and organization is a factor you’ll need to look into carefully when looking for the best bug out bag. First, does the backpack have a lining? The lining increases the internal visibility of the bag hence improving the organization format.

Other backpacks have multiple compartments on the exterior and interior parts to give you better organization. Yet still, other packs will have a dividing system to keep all your stuff separated when in the pack.

  • Pockets

Different backpacks will have different sizes and types of pockets.  

Hydration bladder pockets and map pockets are usually placed inside the backpacks. They offer a great way of separating and distributing your camping elements.

Note that the more the pockets, the more storage rooms you’ll have for your bushcraft gear.

  • Carrying Comfort

Trekking in the wilderness becomes more difficult if your bug out bag’s straps don’t have padding. That is why choosing a backpack that offers continued comfort is important. It will help you get where you’re going as quickly as possible.

So, how does padding contribute to comfort? 

Padding involves the inclusion of foam material in specific areas that are likely to contact the body, e.g., the shoulder and back regions. 

These components bear the weight of the bag, making you not feel the entire load. 

Carrying comfort also involves the ventilation offered by the bug out bags. A good bag should offer adequate airflow even when carried for a prolonged time. It should also regulate temperature, reduce sweat, and hence minimize the discomfort levels. 

Top Pick

Getting the right bags makes all the difference!

Undoubtedly, the Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack is the best out of the best bug out bag on our list today. It is tough, large, and overall a premium bug out bag for all your eventualities!

Many survivalists have given a testament to its quality construction and incredible storage amount. These two main factors make it a key competitor for your bug out solution.


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