Best Bushcraft and Survival Matches

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Survival can be a tricky affair if you do not have a fire. Even the crappiest and most old-school matches are better than nothing. Though the strike-anywhere matches are not as modern as fire pistons, they still offer a reliable way of lighting fire while in the wild.

Pro survivalists will confirm that no dump pouch is complete without a set of survival matches. These sets are excellent tools for modern-day outdoor adventuring.

This article features 6 best strike-anywhere matches. The included buyer’s guide will help you make an informed purchase decision.

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Comparison Table

MatchesImageNo. of matchesWeightContainerBrand
Sweet Water Decor Black Safety Matches60 8.1 OuncesVintage glass jarSweet Water Decor
UCO Compact Strike Anywhere10 boxes with 32 matches per box3 Pounds per boxBoxUco
Swedish Safety Matches32 sticks per box2.2 OuncesBoxJonkoping Vulcan Co
PBL Matches168 4 OuncesTin containerDiamond
Diamond GreenLightTM Kitchen Matches3 Pack - 300 Matches per Pack4 OuncesBoxHearthmark
PFP Strike Matches204 OuncesBoxPFP
  1. Sweet Water Decor Black Safety Matches

The Sweet Water Decor Black Safety Matches are our best overall bushcraft matches for one fundamental reason: they understand their role. If you’re looking for reusable and waterproof matches, consider this set!

These matches burn much longer than the average units. Interestingly, you can hold it while burning for five seconds straight, a feature that isn’t common with many other matches. And this means minimal usage.

The survival set gives you time to light almost anything. They are ideal for firing up stoves, fireplaces, lighting campfires, candles, lanterns, cigars, just to mention a few.

Pro survivalists will confirm that the matches have a value for money. Forget about the old-school way of storing matches inside boxes! This set comes in an attractive vintage glass jar. The container holds 60 sticks, which come in 7 different colors. If elegance is something you always consider, this might be what you’ve been looking for.

The container has a screw-on lid that helps to organize the matches. This lid also ensures your matches do not get wet in-case the container is exposed to moisture or water.

Besides style, the manufacturer seems to understand that safety is a priority consideration for any bushcraft adventurer. It is no wonder the sticks have a generous height of 3 3/4″ and allows a considerable distance between what your finger and the flame. You needn’t worry about burning your cute little finger!

Like any other strike-anywhere match, this product is easy to use. You do not need a user manual. The strike pad offers a surface to strike on your match. Amazingly, you can light several candles with only 1 match.

Compared to the wooden matches, this survival set is more versatile and reliable. It’s also affordable enough to suit your budgeted pockets.


  • Versatile
  • Lights longer
  • Water-proof vintage jar
  • Comes with a strike pad
  • Safe to use


  • Some customers complained of missing matches (Sticks with no heads)
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2) UCO Compact Strike Anywhere Stormproof Matches 

UCO’s are durable and multi-purpose survival matches ideal for cigars, cigarettes, Barbeque fireplaces, and candles. You only need 2 of this standby kit in your boat, RV, or car and you are good to match into the wild.

Each box contains 32 sticks which are enough to take you through a month’s camping adventure. This generous number will allow you to rest assured that you’ll still fire up your candle when you wake up early in the morning.

Unlike other boxes, the strike pad of this box is made with roughness. One strike is enough to light a fire.

The matches consistently strike against most surfaces. This feature makes them versatile and an excellent choice to use when you’re in the wildest of situations.

Also, the sticks are made from high-quality wood that gives consistent results. They’ll light a fire as long as the box is dry.

There’s not much to say about the UCO matches but from customers’ reviews, we can confidently conclude that they are indeed a reliable set.

Though they aren’t “storm-proof”, they still offer enormous benefits that will meet and exceed your expectations.


  • Durable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Affordable
  • 320 matches in total


  • Not water-proof
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3) Swedish Match, Three Stars Safety Matches, 10 pack

These aren’t just mere matches! Jonkoping Vulcan Co is a renowned brand, and that gives us confidence that this product is a quality choice.

Just some bit of history; This brand is dated back to the ‘80s. It features a 3-star drawing that represented “luck” in the religious and philosophical relevance of the 19th century. Since then, the match is still making a name on the market, and you may be the lucky one to use this widespread match. After all, old is gold!

The box has 32 sticks which are 1.75-inch long. It is known for its sturdiness and ability to light without breaking.

The box is made in such a way that it can strike on either side. This feature makes work easier. With 2 maximum strikes, you’re good to go. If the stick fails to light, you can reignite it and continue with your bushcraft business.

Besides reliability, the match boasts an excellent quality that makes it ignite quickly. This is especially true when the box is completely dry. To have quick and effective results, always ensure that the matchbox is stored in a dry place.

Do you like vintage stuff? The Swedish Match is here for you! The sticks are packed in a cool vintage cover that is aesthetically appealing. Other than brightening your storage space, they can also be a great addition to your kitchen counter when you’re back home.

Bushcraft gurus say that matches should be simple. This fact is portrayed in the Swedish matches. They are the real deal! They strike reliably with no head flying off. A great option to preserve some of the traditional technologies.

Just like the Sweet Water Decor Black Safety Matches, this set is also longer-lasting than the average matches and useful for igniting multiple sources.


  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Quality brand
  • The sticks do not break easily


  • Hard to find
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4) PBL Matches Strike Almost Anywhere in Tin Container

Starving and feeling cold should be the least of your concerns if you’re equipped with the PBL matches.

PBL pseudo-match sticks come in a tin container that holds approximately 108 wooden sticks. The matches are factory-made with quality.

The biodegradable tin is coated with steel and is a solid and well-made house of these green-tipped wooden match sticks. This construction makes it “water-proof” and will protect the sticks even when it falls accidentally in water.

Additionally, the container has a burlap blanket that protects the matches from muffle rattling sounds.

The interesting part is that you can carry it whenever your feet take you as they are light and compact enough to fit in your pocket shirt.

They are multipurpose matches and ideal for lighting multiple sources. Even if your torch batteries go flat, these matches will light the candle or set a bushfire and get you going. 1 can in your bug out bag is enough to keep you going for roughly 3 weeks.

Another special bonus point of this set is that you do not need a match striker to light a fire. Simply look for a rough surface like a wall, shoe, or stone, a wall, and you have the fire.

Last but not least, the matches produce a clean and pure smell when lighting. You won’t be chock because of harmful chemical odors.


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Pseudo-match sticks
  • Strikes on any surface
  • Biodegradable tin
  • Affordable


  • Sub-standard quality
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5) Diamond Green Light TM Kitchen Matches

This is yet another quality product that is ideal for outdoor activities like hunting, backpacking, camping, and hiking. Hearthmark has been around for the longest time possible and it is a favorite choice among many outdoor fans.

It is simple to use; all you need to do is strike the stick against a rough surface like a rock, brick, or your skillet. Let’s not forget that the match sticks can also be stroked on both sides of the matchbox.

A box or two in your emergency kit will be a worthwhile investment. It will come in handy when you want to light your stove grills, fireplaces, candles, kerosene heaters, lanterns, and cigars.

The structure of the wooden match stick is strong and sturdy, making them unbreakable when striking the match. The wood burns slowly, giving you more burn time when lighting a fire.

Apart from its good quality, it is also known for its simplicity and durability. It ignites quickly and effortlessly, with just 2 strikes.

The reliable and convenient nature of the match makes it a suitable addition to your bushcraft stuff. It won’t break easily like other matches. But be sure not to use force when igniting the stick.

And what’s better than getting a product that burns with minimal clean smoke?

The box offers a convenient storage room for the matches against moisture.

The only downfall of this match is that the box wears out with multiple lighting.


  • Suitable for the outdoor community
  • Kitchen-sized match sticks
  • Sturdy carbonized match sticks
  • Each box has 300 matches, the highest number possible.


  • Poor quality box
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6) Party Favors, Plus 50 Plain White Cover Wooden Matches 

Party Favors are a great package that light quickly and brightly. The sticks have a perfect height that will ignite longer without burning your finger.

Are you a crafty person? Guess what? This unit lets you customize the box to your preferred design. You can add some lovely stickers to the box or use them with their simplicity.

Just from the name, this is another great set for a fiesta party in the wild. They understand how to light cigars and will not break easily because of their quality construction.

The sticks have a black top that does not come off quickly. This feature means that the sticks will always light whenever you need to start a fire.

If you’re not working with tight budgets, these matches will be your perfect fit. The quality herein makes them highly-priced. Often, the manufacturer also adds the shipping cost to the product’s price, increasing the price.


  • Light easily
  • Quality construction
  • Ignites on abrasive surfaces
  • Safe to start a fire


  • More suitable for indoor settings like parties
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Best Bushcraft Matches Buying Guide

You’re likely to need a strike-anywhere match during your bushcraft activities. Most of these matches are fading away from the modern markets, and finding a suitable match can be a daunting task.

Don’t settle for anything! Always remember that different matches have different features. Below are the 3 main factors that you should consider when buying strike anywhere matches.

  • Number of sticks

Even though emergencies are unpredictable, you can always prepare to be a survivor. You’ve probably noticed that this list contains matches with different numbers of sticks. The more the stricks, the safer you’ll be in the wild. From this, it is advisable to go for units that have many sticks to cover your stay in the wild, even if circumstances force you to stay longer than planned.

  • Tips

All strike-anywhere matches have tipped tops. These tops are present to form an igniting surface. They offer friction that generates sufficient heat to trigger the chemical reaction and light a fire. If you’ve noticed, different matches have their tips colored differently.

Each color represents the chemical used in the construction. For example, the red tippings are usually made with potassium chlorate and are more suitable for home use. They are also relatively stable and tend to ignite for shorter periods. The white tippings are a white phosphorus product and more ideal for outdoor settings as they burn for a longer time.

Therefore, before making your purchase, it is vital to understand the significance of such qualities.

  • Height of Sticks

Any height below 2.5-inches is not advisable, especially if you’re looking to buy bushcraft matches. Since match sticks are from wood, they burn down quickly, and if you’re not careful, you might burn your finger. You can consider sticks with 3-inches and above for safety while lighting a fire.

Our Top Pick

The Sweet Water Decor Black Safety Matches take the crown home. They are the best overall strike-anywhere matches because they strike the right balance between durability, affordability, versatility, and quality. The vintage glass container gives it a competitive advantage over the rest.

We hope this review was helpful.

Happy purchase!

Happy camping!



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