Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping and Wilderness Survival

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While performing any rough outdoor activity, your fingers are usually at the risk of getting injured or having blisters. Thus, you need to ensure that they are well-protected.

Wearing a pair of bushcraft gloves can help prevent your hands from blisters and injuries caused by thorns and other hazardous things.

The best pair of gloves should offer enough protection to your hands and still be flexible to help your fingers carry out your adventure tasks with ease. This will make it easier for you to practice bushcraft skills more safely.

However, most bushcraft gloves are not explicitly made for bushcraft skills like camping, cutting wood, or any other wild activity.

Fortunately, you can choose from the available outdoor work gloves to protect your hands in extreme conditions and make your adventure more comfortable.

If you are wondering what the best bushcraft gloves are, you should stop thinking because you are on the right page.

This article provides a review of the 7 best bushcraft gloves and factors to consider when buying these gears. Check it out!

 Top 7 Best Bushcraft Gloves

  1. Hestra Skullman Outdoor Work Gloves

These are exceptional gloves made with the most excellent craftsmanship, using quality materials.

They are flexible and convenient to work with for any type of outdoor activity and still protect your hands from injuries.

They are made with durable fabric and a CZone membrane to ensure that these gloves can withstand all the toughest outdoor conditions. The CZone membrane waterproofing makes these gloves waterproof, windproof, and durable.

These gloves have been used by the most experienced survivalist like Ray Mears, and they regard them as high-quality gloves.

They are designed with goat leather, and they contain elastic handcuffs to help them stay put while protecting your hands.

The Hestra Skullman brand does not come with a liner, but they function well as a thin pair of gloves or glove liners during winter and autumn.

The light padding in the palm side offers extra protection against blisters and injuries when using hand tools.


  •         High-quality product
  •         Durable
  •         Waterproof, windproof and breathable
  •         Flexibility
  •         Excellent warmth and protection
  •         Long handcuffs


  •         Does not have a liner

For those concerned with aesthetics, even in gloves, these gloves can’t go wrong with you as they have a decoration of a leather pull strap.

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  1. Wells Lamont Hi-Dexterity Leather Gloves

The Wells Lamont gloves are considered best for bushcraft because of their dexterity and ability to protect your hands.

Their design is focused more on protection to your hand than the falling temperatures. They are very suitable for a variety of outdoor activities such as stacking wood, carrying large items, carrying hunting tools, and other common activities like hiking and biking.

The Wells Lamont gloves are made with sturdy grain leather on the front side. The backside is built with stretch spandex with the forefinger, thumb, and knuckles being padded for additional safety and comfort for the user.

The palm area is made of dear skin, which works well when using rough tools that require flexibility. It also gives you a professional appearance and protects your hands from blisters.


  •         Deerskin palm offers more comfort
  •         Padded knuckles, thumb, and forefinger
  •         Flexible and breathable
  •         Wide range of uses
  •         Wrist Closure to keep dirt and debris out


  •         Hard to remove as they have a tight-fitting
  •         Need special care while cleaning
  •         Not very practical for abrasive conditions

If you are looking for a pair of gloves that combine all the best qualities in a bushcraft glove, Wells Lamont gloves are your exact match. You will get qualities like high dexterity, durability, breathability, and flexibility combined in these gloves.

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  1. Smartwool Ridgeway Glove

For many years, leather and wool have been used together in different outfits to keep people warm. The Smartwool Ridgeway glove is a natural product made of durable leather and wool.

In this glove, the liner is made with Merino wool to ensure that your hands stay warm. It also has an anti-bacterial aspect that prevents odour.

The cinched wrist and durable leather make this glove to be windproof. There is also an additional feature to keep the gloves together if you want to remove them to use your phone.

While washing them, use water and saddle soap to clean the outer side. For the inner side with Merino wool, use only cold water and leave them flat to dry. You should not use machine cleaners nor driers.

The Smartwool Ridgeway Glove comes in a variety of colours to cater to people’s different preferences.


  •         Affordable
  •         Durable leather
  •         Double layer thumb and first finger for extra protection
  •         Variety of colours
  •         Clinched handcuff
  •         Clasp to keep them together


  •         Short Handcuff
  •         Requires special cleaning
  •         No touchscreen capability

If you are searching for low-priced and yet high-quality bushcraft gloves, you might like the Smartwool Ridgeway.

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  1. Hestra Fält Guide Leather Gloves

The Hestra Fält Guide Leather Gloves are high-quality gloves developed by a Sweden survival expert, Lars Fält. Hence, they were named after him. They come in two colours, either black or brown.

These gloves are made with a combination of Army Leather goatskin and impregnated cowhide. Such materials make them be among the most durable bushcraft gloves available in the market today. They have thrived as the top leather bushcraft gloves in the industry since the time they were developed.

These gloves are also water-resistant and windproof to keep your hands warm and protected throughout your adventure.

The Hestra Fält gloves have a removable inner lining that is made of wool terrycloth for the side that covers the palm. The side on the top of the hand is also made with a wool pile to ensure that both sides are kept warm in cold weather.

Since the inner lining is removable, it is possible to wash and dry them quickly whenever your gloves get dirty. You can also insert a lining of your choice.

These gloves come with long handcuffs in which the wrist area is cinched to ensure that no part of your arm will feel any cold.  Additionally, they have a carabiner fastener system to help you keep them together and safe.

However, Hestra Fält gloves require special care while cleaning. You should not use dry cleaners to wash the inner lining nor the outer leather. The most recommended cleaning method is to hand-wash them with soap, and cold water then lay them flat to dry.


  •         High-quality
  •         Water-resistant and windproof
  •         Designed by a survival expert
  •         Wool liner best for warmth
  •         Cinched handcuffs
  •         Enhanced durability
  •         Removable inner lining


  •         Limited colour options
  •         Require special care for washing

These gloves are the best for those looking for a grand way to keep their hands warm even in the coldest weather. You can count on them on winter seasons for outdoor work and adventure.

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5. U.S. Military Arctic Mitts

The U.S. Military Arctic gloves are designed for icy weather. They are the most suitable gloves for those who want to set out for an adventure during the iciest winters.

Being approved by the U.S. Air Force, these gloves can protect you even in the harshest conditions you get involved in.

They come in a lavish hand design that allows your fingers to warm each other and enhance blood flow in your hand.

Another fantastic feature in these gloves is the inner liners. One of them is made of 100 percent Alpaca pile and the other one with pure grey wool. These materials provide a lot of warmth and comfort to your hands. They also absorb moisture in case your hands get sweaty.

The backside of these military gloves come with a wool-nylon pile to help you warm your face.

The long handcuff in this glove consists of several clinches to prevent wind and snow from freezing your hand.

These gloves can be worn on bare hands, but you can also use a pair of liners. They are easy to remove as they have a double lining.

However, the bulkiness of the mitts reduces dexterity, making it difficult to perform various activities. Thus, some people find it challenging to work with them, while others use them effectively.


  •         Windproof and waterproof
  •         Breathable
  •         Air Force standards
  •         Quality leather and Merino wool inners
  •         Face warming features
  •         Long cinched handcuffs


  •         Require special care while washing
  •         No touchscreen capability
  •         Long sleeves can be troubling sometimes

For those who like adventuring in all kinds of weather, a pair of U.S. Military Arctic Mitts can always save the day during winter times. You can use them for hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, and so on.

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  1. KINCO 901

The KINCOs is yet another pair of affordable and quality bushcraft gloves. They are designed with an appealing look, and they are still good enough to protect your hands.

These gloves are highly versatile to help you work well in various circumstances. They offer safety and all the comfort you need while performing any outdoor activity.

They are made of tough pigskin, which guarantees durability. But the pigskin requires to be treated with waterproofing like the Nikwax to be waterproof. Luckily, waterproofing wax is provided when you buy these gloves.

To improve dexterity, the KINCOs do not have finger patches. They do have a heat-keep thermal liner to trap warm air next to your skin and wick away moisture to keep your hands dry.


  •         Reasonable price
  •         Durable pigskin fabric
  •         Patches on the wear areas
  •         Comfortable knit wrist
  •         Heat-keep thermal liner
  •         Nikwax Waterproofing Wax counted in


  •         Needs care for cleaning
  •         Small fittings
  •         The leather requires a wax coating to be waterproof

If you are looking for the best bushcraft gloves that can perform in most weather conditions, these KINCO gloves are the right ones for you.

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  1. RefrigiWear Gloves

Do you have plans for going out to camp, hike, or do some hunting? Well, you need to suit yourself thoroughly with the right bushcraft gloves to ensure that hands are kept free from blisters and thorns.

Based on their materials, the RefrigiWear gloves can protect your hands even when doing abrasive work. These gloves are made with the most durable leather you can expect in high-quality bushcraft gear.

The wrist area in these gloves is sealed out so that your hands will not feel any cold. They are also lightweight, so you can use them in any weather condition without feeling much weight on your hands.

With the high breathability features available in these gloves, you can work well with them for long hours. You won’t experience fatigue or any feelings of discomfort.


  •         Durable leather
  •         Sealed wrist area
  •         Breathable design
  •         Proper protection and warmth
  •         Better comfort


  •         Thin inner liner
  •         Poor stitching

The RefrigiWear gloves are liked by most people who want to avoid thorns, splinters, or blisters while camping or doing any outdoor activity in the wilderness.

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Best Bushcraft Gloves Buying Guide

The best bushcraft gloves should offer you enough protection and still not limit your adventure in terms of dexterity.

Nonetheless, finding the right pair of gloves that suits your needs can be a challenging task. Fortunately, this guide presents the things you should consider while buying bushcraft gloves.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Bushcraft Gloves

  •         Durability and Strength

Outdoor working gloves come in different materials and designs. Whether you want gloves for camping or hunting, you need to ensure that you choose the strong and durable ones.

While in the wilderness, your hands have to do rough tasks in one way or another. Thus, your gloves should have the capacity to withstand all these abrasive works.

Strong gloves will not be destroyed easily by thorns. Speaking of durability, you should go for gloves made of leather on the outer side as they are thick enough to last long.

  •         Protection

Protection is the primary reason you need a pair of strong gloves while going out in the wilderness or doing rough works,

Like the best bushcraft jackets, the best bushcraft gloves should be able to protect your hands from cuts, blisters, thorns, among other potential risks.

In the forest, you often work with sharp materials like knives along with other cutting blades, which are perilous, especially when your hands are uncovered.

Your bushcraft gloves should sufficiently cover your hands and be thick enough to offer proper protection to your hands.

  •         Dexterity

While the best gloves should offer enough protection, your fingers need to be flexible so that you can do your staff well. After all, many bushcraft tasks such as putting up a fire, hunting, and gathering require you to use your fingers.

When your fingers are interfered with, no hand-task can easily be accomplished.

If you are doing woodwork in cold weather, you will need flexible and warm gloves to keep your hands warm and still allow you to do your work comfortably.

Gloves with high dexterity will never come your way while working. Sometimes you even forget whether you are wearing them since they do the job well.

  •         Waterproofing

Some gloves are water-resistant, while others will absorb water easily. While working in wet conditions, you will undoubtedly need a water-resistant pair of gloves.

In cold or rainy weather, your fingers are vulnerable to frostbite. Frostbite is an injury that occurs mostly when your body parts are exposed to very cold or windy conditions. This can be prevented by wearing water-resistant gloves to keep your fingers dry and warm.

The weather can also be unpredictable, and it can rain suddenly while you are still out there. So, you better choose waterproof gloves. But this may not be a concern in hot and dry seasons.

  •         Grip

Most bushcraft tasks involve using your hands to grab things and tools. The best gloves for bushcraft should uphold your grip when using any kind of adventure tool, including axes or knives.

Choose bushcraft gloves that are rough and sticky on the palm area. This will help you work well while wearing them as tools with smooth handles will not slip out of your hands.

  •         Warmness and Insulation

If you are going out for adventure in cold weather, you will want gloves with good insulation to keep your hands warm.

Keep in mind that even the summer season has cooler nights, so you’ll need warm gloves for such scenarios.


Having a reliable pair of gloves is an essential thing you should always consider whenever you plan to go out in the wilderness. They will deliver a variety of benefits, including warmth and protection.

As experts say, avoid cotton gloves as they are barely water-resistant, nor can they protect your hands completely from injuries.

If you want to enjoy your bushcraft most, pick at least two pairs of gloves that suit you for going out.






























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