Best Cree Flashlight for Bushcraft and Survival

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A Cree flashlight has unique features that make it suitable for emergency situations. Multiple lighting modes and battery options are just some of the many safety features that differentiate it from “ordinary” survival flashlights. 

These tools also come in handy when you experience a blackout or get stranded on a dark and lonely pathway. So, it’s time to equip your bug-out bag with this essential bushcraft gear and head into that rugged environment confidently. 

We’ve filtered the major brands to present you with the top 6 best Cree Flashlights in the market.  

Top 6 Best Cree Flashlight for Bushcraft

  1. ThruNite TN36 Flashlight

For a large and enclosed dark area, no other cree flashlight will serve you better than ThruNite TN36. With 7300 lumens, this handy tool can illuminate a length of 300 meters. 

So you are sure, whatever lurks in darkness stands revealed with this ThruNite Flashlight in your hand. 

Made from tough aircraft aluminum, it is one of the most long-lasting cree flashlights with a great impact resistance of up to 1.5 meters. 

ThruNite TN36 is also waterproof so you can comfortably use it in any weather condition. 

Besides the premium casing material, the flashlight’s performance is top-rated. It has six modes that allow you to choose the brightness level you desire. This is the manufacturer’s strategy of helping you conserve your device’s battery life depending on the circumstances.

With the memory feature incorporated, the gadget automatically switches to the last mode used before it was turned off. So you don’t have to reset it every time.

The power indicator also shows you the strength of your flashlight’s battery. You, therefore, know when your batteries need to be recharged. Replacement is a rare option given the extra-long lifespan of the batteries. 

Worried about overheating? Not so with ThruNite TN36. This flashlight has an energy efficiency of more than 95 percent eliminating such faults. 

Again it’s holster and ring enable you to carry your device around with much ease. 


  • Highly durable
  • Efficient energy consumption without overheating
  • Illuminates up to a radius of 300 meters.


  • Expensive
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2) Streamlight 88060 

Streamlight 88060 is a distinctly compact flashlight which is ideal for camping and hiking events. Notwithstanding, it is a handy tool for stationed security providers.

The case is made from 6000 series aluminum for aircraft with an anodized finish. Its glass lens has an anti-reflective coating and has been sealed with a gasket. In combination, the two features ensure the flashlight can comfortably endure the beating in a hiking backpack.

Streamlight 88060 is impact-resistant for up to 1 meter and again waterproof to 1-meter for half an hour. 

For a firm grip, the case has a rubber sleeve that also acts as a thermal insulator.

Its light is derived from the C4 LED technology that guarantees a lifetime of  50,000 hours. With 2,200 lumens, the concentrated beam produced can illuminate beyond 320 meters with excellent peripheral lighting. 

The power regulation used here also ensures the device gives maximum light throughout the battery’s lifespan. At the highest setting, it lasts for approximately one and a half hours whereas it lasts 43 hours on the lowest brightness setting.

This Cree flashlight can run either on disposable CR123A lithium batteries or Streamlight rechargeable batteries. For the former, you will require four 3-volt batteries while for the latter two 3.7-volt lithium batteries serve well. 

Also, the battery cradle is self-adjusting allowing you to use batteries of various sizes without rattling. 

Though powerful, the flashlight only weighs 1.1 pounds with an ambidextrous switch.


  • Compact and quiet portable
  • Ambidextrous switch
  • Accepts batteries of multiple sizes
  • Affordable 


  • Tail cap switches on easily with a slight tap or knock
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3) J5 Tactical V1-PRO 

This 300-lumen ultra-bright flashlight is a perfect choice for security personnel. But even a civilian who desires a lighting device they can carry to any place at any time, can’t regret settling for it. 

Its LED lights produce brightness that is about 10 times greater than that of incandescent lights reaching up to 600 feet. You can have an entire room well lit for hours with this flashlight using either one 14500 rechargeable or AA battery. 

With 3 modes, high, strobe, and low, plus the wide-to-narrow zoom for the beam, you can easily set the brightness you desire. You will find this flashlight useful in both indoor and outdoor activities. 

J5 Tactical V1-Pro is so compact that it can fit in your pockets or purse. 

Aircraft aluminum case gives this flashlight great impact resistance and may still work even after a 9-foot drop. It’s also water-resistant. You can comfortably use it in snow or rain. 

Measuring 3.7 inches long, the device weighs 2.39 ounces only. 

The manufacturer provides a one-year replacement warranty! 


  • Compact and lightweight, so you can carry it in your pocket
  • Quite affordable
  • Adjustable focus range that allows you to zoom out for wider illumination or narrow in for concentrated beam.


  • May not last long as indicated by the manufacturer
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4) Eagletac GX30L2-DR

Even though Eagtac is a young company, their fame in the lighting industry is continually rising due to their high-performance flashlights.  Their GX30L2-DR would be a great addition to any first responder’s kit or a security guard. 

The flashlight uses a Cree LED light source that has the capacity of generating up to 1700 lumens. This can reach a length of 578 yards. 

Its tactical design enables you to turn on the light at either maximum or minimum input by simply either the black or white buttons respectively. 

Three LED output settings to allow you select diffuser, spot only, or a combination of spot and diffuser. The diffuser beams double as a wand of traffic illumination.

Notably, the flashlight has 5 brightness levels which include very low, low, medium, high, and maximum which you can easily alternate depending on the scenario. 

On very low mode, the torch can last 200 hours and it will serve you for 2 hours on the max setting. It uses the 7.4V, 3400mAh EAGTAC battery.

The momentary-on-function feature gives a consistent report on battery life, turning green when full and red when low. 

The Eagletac flashlight has a built-in waterproof fast charging port with three auxiliary levels. 

Measuring 8.5 inches long, this ultra-bright torch weighs 173 grams. 


  • Super bright light suitable for emergency response.
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight and hence portable
  • Classic finish giving it great look for a flashlight


  • Poor durability 
  • At maximum brightness on spot only output, considerable light goes through the diffuser head which impairs vision beyond 300 meters
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5) Constefire LED Torch

This ultra-bright flashlight features CREE XML-T6 LED that gives a maximum output of 2000 lumens. The torch can therefore illuminate the length of approximately two standard football pitches.

Constefire LED torch can use either three AAA batteries or a single rechargeable 18650 battery. The package contains the rechargeable battery plus its UK charger. 

It has five modes including SOS, strobe, low, medium, high that you can select depending on the illumination required. Thus it is handy for in-house use, camping, dog walking, and the likes.

Again the adjustable focus setting allows you to choose either spot or flood beams. Spot configuration is suitable for long-range observations while the flood beams are lighting expansive spaces. 

The case is made from the premium aircraft grade alloy with a type 3 anodized finish. The anti-abrasive and anti-reflective coatings enhance durability besides making the device waterproof and skid resistant.

The head has a unique design resembling a six-teeth safety hammer. This makes the torch quite valuable in emergencies as you can use it for self-defense or breaking glass. 

SOS function also helps raise alarm and call for emergency services.

When it comes to size, this cree flashlight is compact enough to fit in a purse, backpack, or pocket. For enhanced portability, it has a plastic support which you can also use to install it on your bike as a light source.

The product has a 2-year warranty which takes care of any system issue that may arise. A refund is also possible in case you don’t love the torch at all which is highly unlikely.


  • Sturdy design with powerful brightness.
  • Can serve as a weapon for self-defense in emergencies too.
  • Small and can easily fit in a pocket


  • Does not serve as an excellent lighting device for cycling
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6) Leadek Cree XML L2 

This flashlight is ideal for outdoor events such as camping, cycling, and hiking but it also serves well indoors. 

Its XM-L2 grade T6 LED can produce 1200 lumen which is capable of illuminating a maximum length of 1150 feet. 

The zoom function allows you to select either spotlight for checking long-range objects or the floodlight option for circular lighting. 

In terms of portability, this torch’s small size and lightweight makes it possible for you to carry this device in your handbag or pocket without strain. 

SOS, strobe, low, medium and high are the light modes you can use on this device depending on your need. To change to another mode, you press the button at the bottom of the torch. 

The dual power supply in which you can use either 3 disposable AAA batteries or 1-3.7 V 18650 rechargeable lithium battery. But none of these is included in the package.

For increased durability, the lamp base has been made from a premium quality aircraft aluminum alloy similar to the frame. The surface is given a hard-anodization treatment. 

The tail switch button is made of rubber to provide a firm grip. 

Besides the lighting purposes, this device is a self-defense weapon in emergencies owing to its strong case and design. It can serve as a safety hammer.  

Gifts that may come with this product include a wrist strap and a battery casing for the 18650 type.


  • Multipurpose as it can serve as a torch and weapon in an emergency
  • Small and lightweight hence more portable


  • The package does not include batteries
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Buyer’s Guide ~ Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Cree Flashlight

  • Budget

How much are you planning to spend on a Cree Flashlight?

If you’re looking for a high-quality unit, be ready to spend more. A basic but decent choice might cost you slightly lesser than this but may not have all survival features. 

If you’re working with tight budget, you might consider the cheaper options. However, most cheap Cree flashlights don’t have all the essential specs of a tactical flashlight. Rather, they’re more likely to be in the class of keyring and EDC flashlights.

  • Size

Be sure to consider the flashlight’s size carefully. Let your choice be determined by how you’re planning to use it. 

Generally, small flashlights have a length of 10-12 cm. These types use the single battery set-ups and come with deeper reflectors to throw their light farther.

Medium flashlights have an approximate length of 12-16 cm and mainly run on 2 batteries. Noteworthy, increased batteries means increased power and better lumen output. 

 Large flashlights have lengths of more than 16 cm. These sizes guarantee huge Lumen amounts, come with multiple settings, and have more number of LEDs. They’re extremely powerful!

  • Power Source ~ Batteries

Power is a crucial consideration that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Not all batteries are long-lasting. Some offer more power, while others do not. 

The common types of batteries used are disposable Alkaline, disposable Lithium, and rechargeable batteries. Each of these offers different power intensity. Not all are easy to find. Often, preppers prefer working with the standard-sized batteries, as they can rest assured of easy access to new battery sets.

Top Pick

Above are the top 6 best Cree flashlights for bushcraft adventures that you’ll find in any market. 

The ThruNite TN36 Flashlight has the highest competitive advantage! It is the only model in our list that incorporates a memory feature, something you can only find in expensive flashlights. 

The tough aircraft aluminium construction makes it durable, and so, you don’t have to worry about buying another one any time soon. And of course, the 6 brightness modes makes it versatile enough to suit all your bushcraft lighting needs. 

Remarkably, this model understands how to combine durability, versatility, quality performance, and affordability. In other words, all you’re looking for is neatly parked in this compact package!

From now on, choosing the best Cree flashlight needn’t be a hustle. Let this list be your guideline. 

All the best!

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