Best Dump Pouches

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Survivalists and camping enthusiasts understand the benefits of having a dump pouch. Primarily designed for survival purposes, the use of these pouches have amazingly extended even to the general people. 

Carrying one gives you sufficient space for storing all your “dump” stuff. Unlike any other camping bags, the dump pouches are specially configured and designed to fit their purposes. So, when you next plan for an adventure, be sure to have one. You’ll appreciate its conveniences. 

Our top best dump pouches review includes five quality products that you can consider for your forth-coming outdoor activity. 

Read along and find out what will best suit your needs, budgets, tastes, and preferences.

Comparison Table

We’re here to make your purchase decision-making easy. For this reason, we’ve gone ahead to compile a chart outlining the essential features of our top five best dump pouches. Take a glimpse of our findings!

Product Color Weight Manufacturer Warranty Build material
Maxpedition Rollypolly Folding Dump Pouch Multi 4.8 ounces Maxpedition Lifetime Warranty Khaki
VISM Folding Dump Pouch Black 16 ounces VISM by NcStar Lifetime Warranty Polyvinyl chloride colloquial (PVC)
High Speed Gear Belt Mounted Mag-Net Multi-Use Dump Pouch Coyote brown 6.38 ounces HSGI Lifetime Warranty Nylon
Blue Force Gear HW Ten-Speed Ultralight Dump Pouch Black 2.4 ounces RSR Group, Inc. Lifetime warranty Laminated Cardura
Tactical Tailor Fight Light Roll-Up Dump Bag Black 2.4 ounces Tactical Tailor Limited warranty Denier Cardura
  1.     Maxpedition Rollypoly Folding Dump Pouch

Maxpedition bears a reputable company name. And doesn’t disappoint when making the Maxpedition Rollypoly folding dump pouch!

This high-quality dump pouch is nearly incomparable. Its remarkable durability comes from the tough nylon fabric, which contains a Teflon coating and mil-spec binding. This build gives it a military standard strength. 

Now, let’s talk about its decent carrying space. It allows you to store around seven 30-rand 5.56” magazines, either horizontally or vertically, and any other similar stuff.  The pouch is a versatile and multipurpose carrier; you can store almost anything.

The pouch is abrasion and water-resistant, and this feature is made possible because of its top-notch quality build. You can confidently use it in whatever extreme weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about damages as it will take whatever the wilderness throws at it. 

Perhaps, the carrier’s best feature is in its foldable ability. Unlike many other dump pouches, this one folds to become very small when not being used. So, you’ll not face any trouble walking with it around. Besides, the pouch has an opening hole that stays conveniently open by itself whenever you’re dumping things into it.

More good news today; the dump pouch bears a lovely easy-to-carry Velcro flap. The flap gently sits at the top and comes handy when folding the bag. Additionally, this flap covers the pouch’s opening thus keeping all your items secure. So, your stuff won’t fall off even if you’re running or moving fast!

The pouch’s sides are well-equipped with cord locks and shock cords, allowing the opening to be adjusted easily. Consequently, you can modify it more to suit your travelling needs perfectly. 

We won’t forget to mention the grommet, an incredible feature that sits at the base. It drains any unwanted water, dirt, and sand, to ensure your carrier is kept clean.


  • Decent carrying space
  • Foldable
  • Conveniently lightweight


  • Lacks a strap

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2.      VISM Folding Dump Pouch

VISM Folding Dump Pouch lets you quickly store all your shooting gear. It unfolds to offer sufficient space, making it amazingly versatile. With this decent space, you can carry a 17-ounce drink bottle, the Bento model lunch box, AK 30 or 7 AR round magazines, a dozen of 30 round 5.56’’ mags, and squeeze in some 50 buckshot shells. 

The pouch can fold flat to have a 10 by 9-inch compact size. 

It features an adjustable and elastic cord that facilitates easy opening. This cord also allows access to the pouch, and when pulled in, it closes the opening hole to secure your contents. In connection to this is the Velcro Flap that also offers security to the items inside the carrier. The bag also has another draw cord that keeps the flap from blocking the opening and allowing easy access inside the pouch.

Other plus features are the two PAL straps located at the pouch’s back. These traps secure onto the MOLLE Compatible Gear.  The drain Grommet at the pouch’s bottom drains out water, dirt, and sand and ensures your carrier is clean.

This dump pouch is from a heavy-duty Polyvinyl chloride colloquial (PVC) fabric. This material makes the build quality excellent, just like that of costlier bags. The fabric also makes it easy-to-clean; you can spot-clean in your sink and allow it to air dry.

Thumbs up to its stretchable material that makes the pouch too large; you can overload it beyond its stipulated limits and if need be, stress out its seams. 


  •         Foldable into a compact size
  •         Easy to clean
  •         Versatile
  •         Durable
  •         Affordable


  • Snaps do not hold firmly

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3.  Mag-Net Multi-Use Dump Pouch

Mag-Net Multi-purpose Dump Pouch is committed to offering high comfort, versatility, and flexibility levels. It is a battle-proven nylon gear for military and law enforcement operational experiences. However, the bag can be used by any ordinary citizen who is planning to go for an outdoor adventure.

Just from its name, Mag-Net multi-purpose dump pouches do more than being carrier bags. They are versatile and provide sufficient room to keep nearly all your camping gear, including some shotgun shells.

It employs a 13-ounce heavy mesh made from a laminated Cordura. The mesh locks onto robust vinyl tubing. Besides this, it also gives full visibility and provides easy access into the pouch. Nothing spoils the camping mood more than realizing that your bag is full of sand. Fortunately, this mesh will drain off the sand maximally.

The “wonky” shape gives it a solid construction that best fits the wilderness life. It allows you to jump and slide around on the dry ground. Most noteworthy, this bag’s shape does not resemble that of other pouches, and this makes the product a unique unit. 

The pouch’s killer feature is in its ability to fold up into a tiny footprint. 


  •         13-ounce heavy mesh
  •         Foldable into a compact size
  •         Versatile
  •         Decent space to store multiple items


  • The dump bag does not have multiple compartments for storage spaces

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  1. Blue Force Gear HW Ten-Speed Ultralight Dump Pouch, Black

Are you looking for a small-sized dump pouch to gather and store some wild edibles as you go camping? Blue Force Gear dump pouch has got you covered! The dump pouch is compact when not in need but amazingly large when it is deployed. Simply put, the gear can stuff up quite well and eliminate the flopping and snagging of a big empty bag.

Primarily, this dump pouch is often combined with a duty belt, plate carrier, battle belt, or tactical vest to store your camping items securely. With any of these, the pouch can stow shotgun shells, empty magazines, breaching charges, water bottles, foldable jackets, SSE items, spent casings, trash, foraged food, kindling items, name them all.  

Besides acting as a storage carrier, the dump pouch is also handy in site exploitation, where you’ll have to grab some stuff quickly. 

Blue Force Gear, ten-speed ultralight dump pouch is ultralight. So tiny you’ll even forget that you’re having it round until you need it. Other customers say that this camping bag is the most suitable option to store your “crap.”

When extended, the pouch appears thin but feels rigid. It’s comfortable and easy to wear; you’ll only need 2 MOLLE strips, and you’re good to go! Honestly, there’s no apparent excuse for not adding this carrier to your survival kit. 


  •         Ultralight
  •         Very durable
  •         Optimized ergonomics
  •         Uses top-notch craftsmanship and high-quality build materials


  •         Challenging to restore its original shape after stretching it

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  1. Tactical Tailor Fight Light Roll-Up Dump Bag

This roll-up carrier comes from a lightweight denier Cardura. It boasts vital reinforcements and a flame-resistant partitioning that perfectly accommodates whatever the wild dishes to it. It folds up skillfully and can be an ideal option when you have limited space. 

Tired of heavy weight dump pouches that weigh you down and make your adventure tiring? Here’s why you should go for this roll-up dump bag! The gear is unique, and unlike the regular dump pouch designs, it is approximately 30% lighter. This weight makes it your go-anywhere companion.

It is versatile and also used for various purposes like storing a shotgun shell sack. It has three wide spaces that offer more storage room. The plus of this is that, when the pouch is deployed, it swallows up all that nature throws at as it is enormous. You can confidently drop 30+ mags in the bag.

It attaches to the PALS/MOLLE design webbing and has two more brief MALICE CLIPS. More to this are the retention straps that need a belt. The straps are comfortable to put off/on. They have a plastic-make to take in pressure, force or any form of a beating but remain intact. This bungee strap also snaps close/open in one touch, making its operation relatively easy. 


  • Compact design
  • Slip-lock snap mechanism
  • Light Weight
  • Versatile
  • Easy operation


  •         Too wide

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You’re likely to get heaps of pouches in the current market having different shapes, quality, and sizes. So, it’s advisable to know the exact factors that you ought to consider before purchasing one. These factors will save your time and energy. Otherwise, you may end up spending too much cash but still settle on a regretful option. 

We’ve listed some factors to make your purchase process easy. 

Read along!

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Dump Pouch 

  • Durability

You obviously want an item that will last long. That is why it is vital to buy a dump pouch that has a decent construction. Otherwise, you’ll end up having one that fades away or tears out after a couple uses. Therefore, be on the lookout for a dump pouch with high-quality built material.

  • Weight

Camping involves a lot of movement. You may actually need to move up and down the entire day with no rest. No one wants to be moving from one place to another while carrying a heavy dump bag. Also, bear in mind that you’ll be storing most of your items in the pouch. The worst thing that you can do is picking a heavy bag that will weigh you down.

  • Storage

Manufacturers understand that survivalists need lots of storage spaces. With this, you’re likely to get pouches that have expandable storage spaces. A decent storage space means you can comfortably fit your AK, M4 mags, rubber Magpul, and ranger plates. 

Other pouches come with multiple compartments to increase the storage spaces. These additional rooms help to accommodate any odd-shaped or bulky items. Notably is that you find a dump bag that has sufficient storage rooms without zipping off. Avoid the products that are tight-spaced.

  •         Drain Hole

Pouches are likely to collect dust particles, sand, and water, in the course of your travelling. To help keep your bag clean, most of these pouches have a drainage grommet at their bottom parts. These drain holes pave a way out for the unwanted substance. This, in turn, keeps your bag clean and neat even during dry or maritime operations. 

  • Waterproof

Extreme weather conditions are expected from the wild. These include heavy rains and snow, especially during the winter seasons. If you’ll encounter rain, your dump pouch is likely to become wet. If this happens, the state of the items inside the bag may be ruined.

That is why you seriously need a water-resistant pouch. This means that nearly all the elements of the bag should be waterproof. 

  • Construction material 

This factor is very critical as it determines the durability, performance, proof capacity of the dump pouch. Materials like Mil-Spec, ballistic nylon, and 1000D Cardura are prevalent because of their robustness. These are the essential outdoor fabrics that will ensure the quality performance of the bag is not compromised.

The construction material also determines the ease of cleaning the pouch. Since you’ll be out in the wild, you’ll have minimal time for cleaning. That is why you need a pouch that is easy-to-clean. 

  • Foldability 

The camping fun is often ruined when you’ve got trunks to carry. Considering the length and wild nature of your journey, you don’t want your dump pouches flopping and snagging around. Thus the need for a foldable carrier. 

Be sure to go for a camping pouch that neatly folds, rolls, or packs into a compact space when it isn’t in use. This feature will make your journey light. 

  •  Ease of Access and Versatility

Dump pouches should allow easy access to the contents. The pouch should have a large and stiffened mouth that gives a large opening to dump your mags.  

Dump pouches are versatile units, not limited to law enforcement and military use. They are useful during camping trips, hunting sessions, metal detecting, construction jobs, and many other places. If you are an outdoor fanatic, go for a pouch that can handle all these. Its possibilities should be endless!

  •         Safety

At the same time, they should have cinch cords, shrouds, flaps, or like features that will prevent your items from dropping off your pouch. Depending on what your needs are, you can consider the longer dump pouches that have leg straps. These straps secure the bag’s contents correctly. 

  •         Attachment 

Know if your dump pouch attaches to a web belt. Some bags need PALS/MOLLE webbing to connect to other gears like chest rigs, plate carriers, or rucksacks. 

  •         Comfort

A pouch can only be comfortable if it does not swing, bounce, or sag on the back. Most dump pouches have a stiffened panel to give the user additional comfort. This panel shouldn’t get in your way as you sit. Comfort is also achieved if the pouch does not go below the butt level.

Our Top Pick

Maxpedition Rollypoly Folding Dump Pouch gets the highest ranking from reviewers, and this is because of many reasons. For starters, it features a generous capacity that can hold around eight 30-round 5.57 mags or comparable items. Besides being a mag pouch, it is a versatile utility pouch that can fit almost anything.

Next is the Velcro flap on the pouch’s top. This flap helps to roll the carrier up when you need to pack or store it. Additionally, the flap can also act as a lid that secures the pouch’s contents. With all these features, Maxpedition Rollypoly Folding dump pouch has the right to take the crown home!

We understand how daunting it is to find a good dump pouch. Fortunately, our review should give you enough assistance to make a wise choice. Consider our reviewed products and be sure to match them with your specific survival needs. This way, you’ll indeed find the best dump pouches. 

All the best!



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