Best Kukri for Bushcraft 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

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Survivalists are well familiar with the mora knives and bushcraft machetes

However, many remain unaware of the bushcraft kukris, despite being the handiest and most versatile knives. 

The unique abilities of the kukris combine the accuracy of precision knives and the performance of hatchets. They’re always ready to make your bushcraft chores simpler and fun. 

In our top 6 best kukris for bushcraft review, you will find the unit that best suits your needs. We’ve also included a detailed buyer’s guide that will help you make an informed decision. 

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Comparison Table

The below table contains the main features of our top 6 best kukris for bushcraft.

Top 6 Best kukri for Bushcraft

ImageProductBlade MaterialWeightBlade EdgeBlade LengthOverall Length
Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife1095 Steel14.4 ozPlain8 1/2 inches13 3/8 inch
SOG SOGfari Kukri MacheteCarbon steel 15.0 ozStraight front and saw back12 inches18.0-inches
Stratuscrafts Genuine Handmade Gurkha khukrCarbon Stainless Steel9.9 ozBlunt edge12 inches17 inches
EGKH-Genuine Full Tang Hand Forged Blade KhukrCarbon Steel 5160 metal24.6 ozRazor Sharp edge10 inches15.5 inches
Condor K-Tact Kukri Knife Army GreenHigh Carbon Steel31.7 ozSmooth sharp edge 10 inches14.50 inches
Cold Steel Royal Kukri MacheteHigh Carbon Steel24 ozFlat edge2. 8 mm20 ¾ inches

1) Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife

Ka-bar ranks as our best overall Kukri knife brand for many reasons.

First, this American-made product makes no compromises on quality. Its 1095 cro-van steel construction features a sharp edge but remains sturdy. You can have your bushcraft adventure on the rocks, but the kukri will still last you a lifetime.

This particular unit boasts an 8.5-inches length, which might be shorter than typical kukris, but still gets the job done correctly. The size makes it lighter than other models and facilitates ease in using the unit. And since it’s more portable, you can make it your travelling companion. 

The full tang kukri knife has its blade extending into the handle. The blade’s generous thickness strikes an excellent balance between strength and weight. It’s not too thick to weigh you down and also, not too thin to feel flimsy when held. 

Storing Ka-bar has never felt safer! The unit comes with a polyester sheath for storage and has a smaller pouch to put the small sharpening whetstone.

Versatility is its heart; it combines a large knife and a hatchet. This design means you can always use the knife for multiple operations including clearing, building construction, cutting firewood, cutting vegetables, slicing fruits, digging, slaughtering animals, or opening bins. 

But don’t be put off because the knife is made in the USA; it still matches many Nepalese knives’ performance.  

All these features make it the perfect pick for any survival situation!


  • It is built for combat 
  • Versatile uses
  • Shorter, lighter, and compact
  • Easy to use and requires no expertise
  • Excellent quality steel construction
  • The epoxy coating reduces corrosion


  • The sheath has low quality

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2) SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete

This kukri Machete is a product from a renowned company that has been operational for many years now. This brand name gives us an assurance of top-notch high performing products, and  SOG SOGfari Machete is no exception!

The unique blade design featured herein is not only to give you an aesthetic appeal. Well, it goes beyond that. The blade is of a high-quality carbon steel material, making it sturdy enough to perform any tasks. 

And what makes the machete multifunctional is the saw back that features toothed edges for more heavy-duty tasks. 

The prolonged 12-inch blade length lets you deploy the appliance more efficiently when working. It also allows you to create deeper woodcuts with minimum efforts. 

With the plastic protective sheath, you can rest assured that your safety is a number-one priority. The sheath provides a storage unit for your machete and facilitates the ease to backpack it.

Good news; you can work with the product in the harshest climatic conditions as it features a comfortable handle with lanyards holes for easy grip. The handle also makes it easier to carry the blade. 


  • Cleaner and deeper cuts
  • Easy to use and sharpen
  • Comfortable grip handle 
  • Excellent-looking black hard-cased finish
  • Protective sheath for storage


  • It has a thin and not so durable edge. 

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3) Stratuscrafts Genuine Handmade Gurkha khukri

Experts describe the Stratuscrafts Genuine Handmade Gurkha khukri as a quality pocket sword that every survivalist should own.

This prime pick is designed from a quality steel material that makes it more durable than most of its contenders. It’s no wonder Stratuscrafts plays a vital role in performing the heavy-duty tasks that other kukri knives cannot achieve. 

On the other hand, the gear is designed from a robust G-10 stainless steel material. And so, you can rest assured that the blade will remain free from rust, even when exposed to a harsh weather condition.

The durable blade construction gives the machete a unique handle design. With this handle, you’ll have a comfortable grip without feeling a strain on your hands as you chop and curve. The liner lock mechanism allows this blade to lock securely, making it easy for you to backpack the unit.

Every outdoor guy should consider this must-have unit as it effectively performs all manner of outdoor activities, from slicing animals to clearing a bush, and anything in between.

Last but not least is the included lanyard hole that facilitates easy portability of the kukri machete.


  • Stainless steel blade material
  • Lanyard hole for portability
  • G-10 handle material combined with steel liners for a better grip
  • The blade locks safely because of the linear mechanism
  • Multi-use kukri machete


  • Doesn’t come with a pocket clip

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4) EGKH-Genuine Full Tang Hand Forged Blade Khukri Knife

This kukri option is famous among Military Knife collectors as Gurkhas mainly used it during World War 1 in the Burma Jungle. 

With the ergonomic design that it now bears, the kukri has found its way into the dump pouches of many survivalists.

The unique characteristic of this pick is that it is excellent for almost any kind of work, including chopping wood, bone, firewood, and clearing bushes. 

The blade is semi-polished and comes from highly graded carbon steel. Its widest part is 5.3cm long whereas the spine comes in at 8mm at the thickest part. This significant shape is what makes the kukri multifunctional. The side you’ll use will depend on your needs.

The blade and the handle of this kukri are on a single piece. And since the handle is flat and full tang, you’ll have a comfortable grip even when working for prolonged hours. 

Coming in at only 2.85 lb with the sheath, carrying the kukri is an easy affair. It will not weigh you down. It also comes with an additional small knife and a sharpening tool for 100% convenience.

If these high-end features do not excite you, maybe you’ll love the unit’s traditional styling! 


  • Heavy and robust for chopping 
  • Lightweight, even with the sheath 
  • Includes another knife and sharpening tool 
  • Well-built handle that gives balance
  • Elegant traditional styling.


  • It has a high cost of maintenance
  • Relatively costly

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5) Condor K-Tact Kukri Knife Army Green

The Condor K-Tact Kukri is a decent chopper and cutting tool. It’s a versatile and multi-functional unit sturdy enough for batoning, but still light enough not to burden your tactical belt.

There are many things to be said about this unit. First, is the blade construction that is tough and ready to handle any work. Though tough, it comes with a smooth, shiny and aesthetic appeal. The attractive visual cues might just work on you!

The blade’s lower section is sharper than the top part. You’ll find this useful for small-size tasks that need expertise and hand dexterity like whittling, trimming, skating, carving, feathering, etc. And so, this design is equally handy. 

The 1075 carbon-steel construction is an excellent idea that guarantees durability and long-lasting service. The kukri is mid-range, with a 10’’ blade length that may not chop massive logs but still gets the average job done. 

The handle herein is made from quality Micarta material and is ideal for medium to large hands. It will rest comfortably in your grip but might be somewhat bulky for smaller hands. 

This midweight kukri is suitable for those looking for a unit that is easy to work with. Even though it doesn’t rank among heavy-duty kukri machetes, it’s safe to handle and easy to use. 

The grippy and corrosion-free handle allows you to work all day long with no hand bristles or strains while the stainless butt cap can pound in stakes and crack shells and nuts. 


  • Extremely sharp 
  • Kydex, Micarta, and other corrosion-free materials
  • It has a deeper blade angle efficient for chopping
  • Safe to handle and easy to use


  • The sheath’s quality isn’t so excellent

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6) Cold Steel Royal Kukri Machete

Make the Cold Steel Royal Kukri Machete your go-to tool if you’d rather spend your hard-earned cash on a high-end unit. This indispensable survival tool is a tested-and-trusted bush knife capable of the toughest bushcraft chores. 

The blade features a sharp point at a non-traditional angle, increasing its piercing and thrusting power while still maintaining its legendary cutting power. The entire blade is made from tough and durable 1055 carbon steel material with a black baked-on anti-rust matte finish. This state-of-the-art artistry guarantees extra protection.

The handle has an integral guard that will keep all your precious digits safe and free from harm. The handle offers a sturdy and firm grip while improving the knife’s balance.

The overall length of 20 3/4″ and weight of 21. 2 ounces is all you need for a high performing kukri knife. The size and weight of this unit are well-balanced and overall, give an excellent looking tool.

It includes a durable cor-ex sheath to improve your carrying convenience and extra safety.  

While this kukri knife boasts high-end features that could rank it among the top 3 units on this list, one significant drawback places it at number 6. Many customers complained that the unit’s blade didn’t come sharp. And so, you’ll need to sharpen it before use.


  • It has a textured hard polypropylene handle
  • Includes a well-built sheath
  • Tough and durable 1055 carbon steel blade
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t come with a sharp blade

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Best Kukri for Bushcraft Buying Guide

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a kukri For Bushcraft

  • Blade

The blade of your kukri knife should come first when you’re considering buying one of these units. It does 95% of the work, and you’d not want to mess here.

What is the blade’s material and length?

Most blades are manufactured from high carbon steel as it is a quality and durable material, but you’re also likely to meet those from cheap steel which might not get the job done. 

It’s also crucial to go for a blade material that doesn’t dull quickly or rust when exposed to wet environments. With such, you’ll get a blade that has a low maintenance cost.

You’ll also realize that the best kukris for bushcraft use always have a thin but long blade as these features make them lightweight, portable, and multipurpose.

  • Handle

The handle materials will vary from modern polymers to traditional ones like wood and ivory, or anything in between.

But regardless of your preferences, you want a handle that will provide a comfortable and firm grip even in prolonged working hours. Most kukris have traditional handle materials that are handmade and tend to be costlier. 

  • Sheath

You shouldn’t overlook the kukri’s sheath as it determines how easy packing and transporting the unit will be. With this in mind, we’d advise you first look at the quality of the sheath to ensure it has a sturdy construction. A kukri knife with a leather sheath would be the best pick! 

  • Cut-Out

A kukri’s cut-out refers to the small notch that appears at the blade’s top part. This is the distinguishing feature of a kukri knife as it is rarely found in the typical kitchen knife. The cut-out absorbs shock and allows the blade to flex when cracking, cutting or breaking something.

  • Tang

The tang is the section connecting the blade to the handle. A traditional kukri knife doesn’t feature a tang, but most of the modern kukris have one.

If you want an easy and effective knife to work with, ensure you pick something with a full tang. The feature is also useful if you’re planning to use the kukri to chop or sharpen hard materials regularly.

Our Top Pick

Now we have to admit that the Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife ranks as the best overall knife for bushcraft. If you are in urgent need of an all-round kukri, at a decent price tag, then this is the knife for you. Besides performing a wide range of heavy-duty tasks, the modern knife packs a punch. It is a premium option for car campers to outdoor bushcraft enthusiasts. 

With that said, the Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife is indeed a perfect choice for any survival pack. 

All the best in your purchase!


Q: Is a kukri a good survival knife?

A:The kukri knife is both a utility and survival tool. It’s ideal for various camp chores including clearing, building construction, cutting firewood, cutting vegetables, slicing fruits, digging, slaughtering animals, and opening bins. Therefore, if you’re looking for a tool that is in between a survival machete and a survival knife, the Kukri should be your prime choice. 

Q: What are the two smaller knives that come with most kukris for?

A: The two smaller knives accompanying the kukri are Chakmak and Karda which are usually attached at the back of the kukri’s sheath. “Chakmak” is an emergency sharpening knife that has both sides blunt for stropping while “Karda” is the utility knife that only has one sharp edge.

Q: Can you stab with a kukri?

A: Kukris are ideal for smashing, slashing, and stabbing. The blade’s weight and curvature are the main features that facilitate slashing.

Q: Why is there a notch in a kukri?

A: The kukri’s “notch” is often referred to as a  Kauri or Cho. The notch acts as a choil that gives a starting point when you can begin sharpening the blade. However, its primary purpose is preventing an animal’s blood from oozing down to the handle.

Q: Is a kukri a dagger?

A: Kukris are not daggers and should not be used as daggers. Instead, they require different proficiency feats, have different uses and construction, and come with varying ranges of threat.

Q: How thick should my kukri be?

A: The answer to this question will depend on your uses. However, a typical kukri with a thickness of 3/16″ or greater should be ideal for your bushcraft chores, provided it still has a distinctive blade shape.

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