Best Paracords for Bushcraft

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Paracords are versatile gears of a survival kit. While ropes can handle the tasks paracords can do, paracords are undoubtedly a step higher. 

That said, anyone heading out for a bushcraft adventure needs a paracord. We understand their immense benefits, and that’s why we’ve gone ahead to compile the top 6 best paracords for bushcraft. 

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Comparison Table

If you’re in a hurry, be sure to have a glance at our top 6 picks. These are the best paracords for bushcraft. 

ImageProductMaterialLengthCore StrandsTensile/Break Strength
5col 550 Type 3 Nylon Parachute ParacordNylon225 ft8550 lbs.
TOUGH-GRID 750lb Royal Blue ParacordNylon200 ft11750 lbs.
Titan WarriorCordNylon103 ft7550 lbs.
UST 30 Foot ParaTinder Utility CordNylon30 ft7 & 1 tinder thread620 lbs.
GOLBERG 750lb Paracord/Parachute CordNylon100 ft11750 lbs.
GEAR AID 550 Paracord and CarabinerNylon100 ft7550 lbs.

Top 6 Best Paracords for Bushcraft

1) 5col 550 Type 3 Nylon Parachute Paracord 

Here’s one of the best paracords for preppers, a genuine military-specification product, conforming to stringent manufacturing specification.

This 5col 550 Paracord has a 550 lbs minimum break strength and a 225 ft. length/pound. Additionally, the paracord comes with eight 3-ply core strands, and this includes its marker strand. 

This paracord comes with a reasonable price tag that makes it more affordable than most of its inferior competitors. 

The 30% elongation rate improves its versatility and, thus, a suitable option for rigging parachutes. It is a Type-3 paracord, and you can rest assured that it is amazingly abrasion-resistant.

The soft texture makes it comfortable to hold when it is in use. Also, the paracord feels full and stays round when twisted. It looks good if you have knots. Its smooth sheath appears to be tightly knit; you’ll not see the cores if you bend it hard.

On the same note, the unit feels strong; forget about the breakages and damages that you’ve encountered with other paracords for bushcraft. 

Most importantly, this paracord has a genuine milspec from the US government. It is certified by 5col Survival Supply, which guarantees quality and long-lasting products.


  • Affordable
  • Offers multiple uses
  • Sturdy and substantial
  • Mildew and UV Resistant
  • Durable
  • Smooth


  • Difficult to “roll” into a smoother splice. 

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2) TOUGH-GRID 750lb Royal Blue Paracord

If you need a strong and real military-grade parachute cord, this product has got you covered! TOUGH-GRID Royal Blue Paracord is a “go-for” option for all camping fanatics who’re looking for quality, durability, and affordability. Believe the paracord experts and experience survival satisfaction in your paracord projects.

Its bonus 200-pound strength outdoes that of the regular 550 cords. It is 100% nylon and comes with 11 triple strands. This composition makes it a tough-grid that isn’t vulnerable to breakages. Together with the USA craftsmanship, you’ll get the worth of your money.

Though the product is as tough as nails, it is also soft and flexible. This feature makes spending time in the wild a great pastime. The bushcraft gear gives an excellent lifeline when you require a sturdy yet lightweight cordage.

There’s nothing as quiet as this unit. It is here to give help when you need it. Simply put, it gets you ready for anything. All you need to do is throw the roll in the trunk, carry a hank in your dump pouch, and you’re good to go!

The adage of “it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it” applies well with this product. And so, whether you’re sheltering in the wild, crafting, or surviving a zombie apocalypse, this Mil-Spec paracord will cover anything.


  • Premium cord
  • Military-grade
  • Strong yet flexible


  • None from customers

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3) Titan WarriorCord

TITAN is a renowned manufacturer that aims at providing high-quality, innovative, survival, and tactical gears. No exceptions are made on the Titan WarriorCord!

This product comes in 14 different colors. Beyond the superb array of artistic options, TITAN Mil-Spec 550 cord is a game-changer in its sphere of competition, especially in this list. This shouldn’t denigrate the other paracords. Instead, it shows that the brand is indeed living up to its name.

The type 3 cord boasts a breaking strength of 620 lb. It is considered to have an authentic military-grade make thanks to the heavy nylon construction. It guarantees durability and toughness and has a fantastic softness, hence soothing when in contact with the skin. 

Designed for rugged applications, the product understands the meaning of versatility. It is the go-for product when you’re working on parachute projects requiring strength and compactness. 

Other than parachute use, the cord displays its versatility in hunting, camping, hunting, prepping, crafting, and many other wilderness survival practices. It is the best cordage that has no limits to its uses. 

Another plus is that the cord has an outstanding lifetime warranty that evidences the manufacturer’s promise to stand behind the product. This way, you can rest peacefully knowing that replacement is a call away if proven imminent.


  • Available in various colors
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Tough yet soft on the skin


  • Not suitable for climbing

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4) UST 30 Foot ParaTinder Utility Cord

UST understood that survival is your responsibility as it was making this product. More than being a paracord, this brand combines with a life-saving fire tinder to form an essential survival tool. 

ParaTinder is a heavy-duty nylon construction enables it to handle all the challenging situations of the wild.  

Just like all the other paracords in this list, ParaTinder is a versatile option. It creates zipper pulls, bracelets, lanyards, wraps, and more. Also, the core threads are useful as sutures, sewing threads, fishing lines, and more. The product has extra strands braided into it. While it’s not recommended to be used as a primary cordage prep, you’ll love it for lanyards and bracelets. 

This ultimate survival parachute cord has a thick jute strand that is paraffin-waxed. Additionally, it has a generous size, making it easy to light and burn.

It is insanely tough and crushes the load and abrasion tests.

Be prepared with this cord. It is the best option for storing in dump pouches.


  • Durable 550 parachute cord
  • Versatile
  • Perfect for bushcraft adventures
  • All-tough
  • All-nylon


  • Not a suitable cord for cordage prep

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4) Golberg US Military Grade Type IV Parachute Cord

What beats the excellent performance of a military-grade Type-4 parachute cord? It’s time to up your bushcraft game by stepping up into this paracord.

It is available in 39 colors from which you’ll choose what best fits your needs. 

Relatively new on the market, the American product has attracted many camping fanatics because of its quality. It comes from 100% nylon.

The mil-spec cord falls under the category of Type IV paracords. Together with the elegant tensile strength of 750 lbs, these features give the paracord a remarkable sturdiness. Though sturdy, the unit is relatively comfortable and soft.

It is ready to meet a wide array of needs when out in a wilderness situation. 

It is abrasion, UV sunlight, rot, and mildew resistant, thus a perfect option for almost all outdoor, survival, camping, and emergency adventures.

The heavy-duty task gives it a rigid shape that doesn’t break.

It has 11 3-ply inner strands, which is the highest number in our list. Every 100 and 50 foot you buy comes with a reusable fastener strap. This strap keeps your parachute cord tangle-free.

Be 100% sure that unlike other paracords, this model neither webs nor develop a skunky smell. 


  • 39 colors
  • Multi-purpose and versatile
  • 11 inner strands
  • Abrasion, UV, rot, and mildew resistant


  • None from customers

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5) GEAR AID 550 Paracord and Carabiner

Carry the GEAR AID 550 Paracord on the forth-coming outdoor adventure and enjoy its immense benefits! For starters, it is among the commercial parachute cords with a remarkably sturdy construction in this list.

Not only is it a utility cord, but it can also be used as a tie-down rope or a survival bracelet. It is a genuine milspec, thus an excellent option for heavy loads and tent guylines.

The product is 100% nylon and contains 7 strands. This makes it sturdy enough to confront the toughest of situations that the wild can throw at it.

The paracord is available in various colors, including orange, camo, and reflective orange and black. The colors offer high visibility of the cords when outdoors. This way, it is easy to see it from the outside.

When the cord is used with packs, carabiners, and lanter ducts, it is quickly suspended off the ground. This makes camp organizations stress-free. It includes a carabiner that gives easy attachment to hang on water bottles, backpacks, and lights.

This 4mm multipurpose utility cord is best for backpacking, camping, crafting, survival, and emergencies. 


  • Includes a carabine
  • Available in different colors
  • 100% nylon
  • Multipurpose


  • Single-ply

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Best Paracod for Bushcraft Buying Guide

Amid several manufacturers offering almost-similar parachute cords, it is daunting to know the best paracord for your bushcraft adventure. Do not worry; we are here to help! Our buyer’s guide includes the key factors that will help you settle for the best cord. It will save you time and energy.

Take a look!

  • Is it Mil-Spec?

The “Mil-Spec” labeling implies that the cord’s standard is an “official” military-grade standard. It is worth noting that just because a paracord claims to have 7 strands means it’s a “legit” parachute cord.

The most important thing to look for is the mil-spec labeling. It is advisable to opt out of paracords that lack this label and get yourself a genuine one – unless you’re looking for cheap stuff that will waste your cash.

  • What’s the Composition?

A genuine Military Spec cord should be made of high-quality nylon. It should also have an outer and inner layer. The inner layer ought to have 7-10 strands, with each consisting of 3 nylon yarns. Therefore,  when unraveling the interior of your military spec cord, you should get an outer shell plus 20-27 yarns altogether. The more the internal strands the better, because of load bearing. Also, if your budgets can afford, go for a Type IV cord. 

Also note that the best and strongest parachute cord is one that is wholly made from nylon i.e. 100% nylon. Polyester cords may work as well as the nylon units, or even better depending on the scenario used.

  • How Much are Willing to Pay for the Paracord?

After choosing the ideal paracord for bushcraft, you only need to pay for it, and you’re good to go! The price of a paracord varies depending on some factors. These include versatility, durability, materials therein, the manufacturer, the sturdiness, and functionality.

Your budgeted pockets should guide your purchase decision. If you’re tight on budgets, consider shopping for a paracord during low-end markets. If you’re willing to spend a ransom, ensure to settle for something worth the amount. Noteworthy, expensive doesn’t mean better. On the other hand, don’t strain your budgets to get a cheap yet poor-quality product. 

You can consider splashing out some few dollars for a higher-quality product that will give you long-lasting service life.

  • Durability is as Important as Functionality!

A paracord’s functionality is NEVER complete if its durability is short-termed. Some models have a premium design but aren’t long-lasting. To be sure of durability, check on the cord’s make. High-quality and sturdy construction means that the paracord will last long. 

Another thing to confirm is whether the manufacturer promises a warranty. Some manufacturers give a 90-day money-back guarantee while others offer a lifetime warranty. Either way, be sure to get one that has a warranty. The longer a warranty period, the longer the durability of the cord. Otherwise, you’ll greatly regret going for a good-looking paracord that only lasts for a few months. 

  • What’s the Primary Use of the Parachute Cord?

The primary purposes of a paracord should govern the type you’re to choose. If you want a cord for designing necklaces, bracelets, and keychains for exceptional outdoor use, a Type-2 paracord should be your go-for option. It is cheaper and lighter, suitable for such use.

If you’re searching for more tactical use, you’ll need a Type III sizeable paracord that is weighty. A mil-spec Type-3 paracord may be more expensive than the commercial Type-3 cords. These commercial cords strike an excellent balance between functionality and utility.  

Finally, if you want a strong enough paracord to carry your RV or car, the Type-4 paracord will do the trick. Most Type-4 cords are not only durable but are also sturdy enough to handle the heaviest of tasks. So, pick a paracord that best suits your primary purposes. 

  • Is it Versatile?

The right parachute cord should be able to handle multiple tasks in the wild. Some everyday purposes you can use the paracords include; fishing lines, tow lines, hanging clothes and foods, setting us snares and traps, repairing sleeping bags and gear tents, sewing threads, and emergency pet collars and leashes. 

  • Length

Another vital consideration that you should consider is the available cord’s length. Fortunately, renowned manufacturers provide a variant of cord lengths. They range from as low as 30 feet to spools of 50 or more.

Additionally, you can get spool holders with extensive cord lengths. It is advisable to go for smaller multi-colored paracord lengths, rather than large spools of one color.

  • Color Combinations

Some cords are available in one color. On the other extreme, others come in more than 20 color blends where you’ll have a wide range to choose from. You’re likely to get more color choices in commercial parachute cords like BoredParacord and Paracord Planet, with both having more than 200 color blends. 

Similarly, if you’re looking for a more vivid or fading light paracord, consider a reflective neon color or any other reflective color cords. 

  • Miscellaneous Considerations

Besides all the above primary factors, you also need to be equipped with other miscellaneous considerations that will help you make a preferable purchase. 

One such factor is the elasticity and flexibility of the cord. Not all paracords have stretching capabilities. A parachute cord for bushcraft should have an elongation rate of between 30-40%. The more the elasticity, the more versatile the paracord will be. 

  • Fake Vs. Real Paracords

Beware of fake paracords when you’re out for a purchase. One crucial factor that you should look into when determining whether the cording is real or not is scrutinizing the construction materials. Other things to prove authenticity are resistance, capacity, and other protective abilities. The details on the cord will also give insight. For instance, is it identified as a type III, a  550 paracord, or a mil-spec?

Our Top Pick

The 5col 550 Type 3 Nylon Parachute Paracord stands out above the rest. It is sturdy and all-nylon. Versatile and boasts a top-notch mil-spec construction. Affordable yet abrasion-resistant. The product beats most of its inferior competitors. It is among the few brands that we’ve found to guarantee safety for parachute use. You have no reason to doubt this outstanding parachute cord.

All the best in your purchase!

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