Best Wool Blanket for Bushcraft and Survival

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If you camp a lot, knowing the essential bushcraft gear for your adventures is paramount. One such item is a wool blanket.

Wool Blankets for bushcraft are versatile and can be used as ground covers, creating bedrolls, keeping warm, padding, or giving winter insulation.

And unlike the ordinary blankets, the woolly blankets pack tightly as they can fold into a compact size.

While there’s almost nothing fancy about the cover, it’s known best to resist mildew. Plus, it is lightweight and won’t weigh your journey down.

We’ve carefully scoured the internet to bring you the top best wool blanket for bushcraft. Our review also includes a buyer’s guide that will make your purchase process easy.

Here’s an overview!

Comparison Ten Wool Blankets for Bushcraft

Product Item Weight


Color Fabric Type
Desert Breeze Blanket 4.5 Brown and tan 100% wool (half Alpaca wool and half merino wool)
Woolly Mammoth Blanket 4 Gray Virgin Merino Wool
Ektos Blanket 3.01 Olive Green 90%
Alpaca Warehouse Alpaca Sheep Wool Blanket 4.74 Brown/Beige 50% Alpaca wool, 50% Sheep wool
Alpaca Warehouse Peruvian Blanket 3.59 Light gray 52% Alpaca wool, 15% cotton, and 33% wool
Stansport 1243 Wool Blanket 4 Gray 55% Wool Blend Blanket
Arcturus™ 80% Heavy Military Wool Blanket 4.5 Navy 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibers
Rothco Wool Blanket 3.7 Gray 70% wool


Top 10 Best Wool Blanket for Bushcraft

  1. Desert Breeze Blanket

The Desert Breeze blanket is famously known for its lavishly fine, super soft fibers. If you’re not tight on a budget, this is something you should consider. After all, who said that bushcraft needn’t be fun? Well, if your bush trip allows you to snuggle up in your fancy blanket, this product will do the trick.

The cover is tightly woven with 50-50% merino and alpaca wool. The wool is from animals living in extreme climatic elevations like the Andes Mountains. Both sides are well-brushed for a soft texture.

There’s always something for you since the blankets come with different color tones. The side edges have polyester protection and reinforcement and also double stitched for durability. This bonus feature keeps the blanket neat and protects it from wearing out.

Desert Breeze blanket is hand washable and also dry cleanable.

If you’re camping during the winter season, consider grabbing this cover. The heavy wool material is non-itchy, and its handcrafted construction makes it long-lasting.  


  • Non-itchy
  • Easy to wash
  • Appealing pattern
  • Brushed fibres
  • Soft texture
  • Durable stitching thanks to the polyester trim and extra seams


  • Doesn’t agitate

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  1.     Woolly Mammoth Blanket

Wolly Mammoth explorer wool blanket is inspired by bushcraft adventures.

It is toasty and definitely, the must-buy cover for everyday campers. When you’re sleeping in the wild, the wool blanket spreads to the ground, preventing twigs and rocks from prodding and poking you all night.

The blanket is a product of 80% high-quality Merino wool. The remaining percentage is made of acrylic and the blankets woven with a twill weave. This means that no recycled wool is used in our blankets.

Are you worried about having an aesthetically appealing wool blanket? Well, this one’s got you covered! Its diamond pattern is not only elegant but also knows best to resist damage and messes. This feature makes the blanket a handy option for holiday bushcraft adventure.

It is large enough boasting a 66” by 90” dimension and a 4 lbs. weight. The dimensions give an additional insulation layer. Besides this, it is rugged and thus easy to toss it in your dump pouch and head into the wild.

It doesn’t need washing to maintain its neatness. The simplicity in its crafting gives it a lovely look and sturdy edge to ensure durability.


  • Durable construction
  • Repels liquids
  • Best wind blocker
  • Premium design to minimize staining
  • The best option for bushcraft


  • No machine washing

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  1.     Ektos Blanket

You’ll love including this blanket in your emergency kit. It is 90% wool and 10% synthetic. The heavy-duty make guarantees you of serious protection whenever you’re using it.

Taking of quality construction; the product is loom woven with finished edges to avoid fraying. Additionally, the rugged design makes it thick and naturally durable.

In need of an excellent warmth cover? Try the Ektos blanket today! The construction wool gives excellent warmth: weight ratio. It is a great natural insulator that effectively regulates the body temperature. Amazingly, the blanket continues to offer thermal warmth even when wet.

Let’s turn to comfort: Ektos blanket is designed for the outdoor fanatics who are in search of soft, odor-free, non-scratchy blankets. These will do the job! They’re also naturally fire, mildew, and static-resistant.

Wondering whether the blanket is washable? Well, your guesses are right! The blankets are machine and hand washable. This feature gives the blanket an easy-to-maintain characteristic.

We all know that wool is naturally fire-resistant. However, many blankets in the current market still have chemical and flame-friendly retardants. Thankfully, this is not true for Ektos blanket. This one gives you peace of mind knowing that it doesn’t contain any fire retardants.

The product is worth its cost as it perfectly performs according to the manufacturer’s expectations.


  • Machine washable
  • Minimal static
  • Doesn’t have chemical treatments
  • Excellent as pillows
  • Resists fire
  • Tight weave and rugged style


  • Sheds on the first time of washing

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  1.     Alpaca Warehouse Blanket

If your weekend’s schedule includes some bushcraft adventures, it’ll be wise to consider the Alpaca Warehouse blanket. This blanket has thick fibers and curly naps to prevent the wind from blowing over you.

It is made of 50% sheep wool and 50% Alpaca wool that make it cozy, breathable, and warm. The blankets are also thick and have a tight weave to wrap your body in a comfortable cocoon. You won’t itch, irritate, or overheat.

The blanket is versatile and accommodates all weather conditions. They’re portable and truly have no bounds.

Alpaca Warehouse blankets have a rustic sophistication. The gorgeous earth color tones and bold stripe patterns add elegance, even in the bush!

They’re available in different sizes, and you’ll choose the one that best suits your needs. Kingsize has a 103 by 90” dimension, queen size has an 87 by 73” dimension, and the twin size comes in 87 by 60” sizes.


  • Elegant pattern
  • Breathable fabric
  • Double seams
  • Thick edge materials that do not fray
  • Natural tones that blend well with the wild


  • Light

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  1.     Alpaca Warehouse Peruvian Blanket

Are you looking for the best wool blanket to break the air’s chill? The Alpaca Warehouse Peruvian Blanket is here for you!

This one is 52% Alpaca wool, 15% cotton, and 33% recycled wool. It is ultra-thick and will give you warmth throughout the cold nights. At the same time, the blanket is lightweight and will make portability easy.

The soft bushcraft cover comes in two main sizes. The queen blanket has a 97 by 92” size whereas the twin blanket had an 82 by 62” size. The queen size is large enough and can be used by at most three people. Therefore, no matter your circumstance, the thick blanket is ready to fit your bushcraft needs.

Here’s more good news: it is cozy and itch-less, and so, you can carry it along wherever you’re heading to.

The wool blanket is washable.

Not sure what to gift your camping lover friend as a birthday gift? The Alpaca Warehouse Peruvian blanket is the way to go! The friend deserves a warm and insulated wool blanket to warm up his/her forth-coming bushcraft adventure.


  • Authentic Peruvian wool
  • Whip-stitch side edges
  • Lightweight hence easily portable
  • Blocks wind
  • Premium comfort


  • Not so thick

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  1.     Stansport 1243 Wool Blanket

Stansport 1243 Wool Blanket is a classic style suitable for the army and military-inspired bushcraft adventures.

They have a low price tag, especially when bought at military stores. The low price is attributed to the fact that the blanket only has 55% wool. The remaining percentage is occupied with polyester. This polyester makes the wool blanket softer.

The 60″ by 80″ dimensions makes it shareable. If you’re planning to take your family for a bushcraft chill, the blanket can cover around three people.

Just like the many other wool blankets in our list, this one is also versatile. You can use it as a covering, pillow, or sleeping gear.


  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Quality and durable


  •         The wool continuously shed as the blanket gets older

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  1.     Arcturus™ 80% Heavy Military Wool Blanket

For those looking for better cold protection, Arcturus™ 80% Heavy Military Wool Blanket comes in with more than 4 lbs. Though the blanket cover is somewhat smaller in length and width than most bushcraft blankets, it is still generously long enough to shield you from the cold.

The 80% wool blanket has lock stitches all around. It is hemmed and loom-woven, thus has a unified look for the woods. The materials used in the making are fire-retardant material, and no additional chemicals are used therein.

It is a machine washable blanket hence a great option for camping out! Noteworthy, the blanket comes with a slight odor, which is common with nearly all military-grade blankets. You can eradicate the odor by simply washing the blanket on receiving it.

Unlike many other cheaper wool blankets, this version is triple-washed to make it softer, sturdier, more hygienic, and non-shedding. This feature makes it perfect for anywhere!

Just like any other wool cover, this one is warm and dependable. It has a 20% wool composition, which is a good amount for a bushcraft blanket. The remaining 20% is made of synthetic fibres, making it durable and washable.

Besides being machine washable, the blankets are easy and softer to wash.


  • Machine washable
  • Great wool percentage
  • Does not shred


  •         Has an odor when first bought

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  1.     Rothco Wool Blanket

Naturally, Rothco’s wool blankets are fire retardant. They’re therefore excellent go-with covers for emergencies and also regular use. They’re designed with the bushcraft fanatic ibn mind. They know best how to keep you comfortable and warm.

The military gear has 70 percent virgin wool. The quality woven construction keeps the blanket durable amazingly durable. It is heavily lofted with an enormous amount of fuzz which ends up as giant balls of lint after washing.

Its warmth makes an excellent utility wool cover for bushcraft. Additionally, its mid-weight will not weigh you down as you travel through the woods.

Rothco wool blanket is slightly smaller than most bushcraft blankets. Thus, it may not be large enough to cover more than one person. Instead, the blanket is best for kiddie bushcraft activities.

The manufacturer’s care tag says that the blanket can be cleaned. However, very many customers report that they’ve washed this cover with cold water on a delicate cycle, then tumbled it dry for around ten minutes then air-drying throughout the day. Do this, and the blanket will become soft.


  •         Durable woven construction
  •         Excellent for emergencies
  •         Fire-retardant
  •         Soft and comfortable


  •         Quite small

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Buyer’s Guide ~ Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Wool Blanket for Bushcraft

  •         Weight

The warmth provided by a wool blanket is determined by its pounds. If you are camping under hot climates, you should consider a 2-pound wool blanket all year round. If you’re moving to a more temperate climate, it is advisable to use several lighter wool blankets than one heavy blanket.

  • Wool Percentage

The wool percentage of blankets varies from one model to another. Generally, the blankets listed in this review have a wool percentage range of between 55-100%. The other percentage is often made from synthetic fibers, nylon, rayon, or a combination of any of these.

  • Size

Your camping needs should determine the size of the wool blanket that you are to choose. Will you be sharing the blankets? Most blankets come with a pretty generous size. Others come in specific bed sizes.

If you are walking around with a small pack or dump pouch, a smaller size-sized blanket will be a good option.

If you’re okay with some hand sewing, consider cutting the blanket into two and stitch the raw parts to have two smaller blankets. For example, a blanket measuring 66″ by 90″ can be cut into two and the raw edges stitched to be four smaller blankets measuring 33″ x 45″

  • Cost or Durability?

This review consists of some budget-friendly blankets for bushcraft. Others are costlier because they have a high-quality type of wool. Generally, these costlier blankets are best suited for house use and not outdoors. On the other hand, the cheaper wool blankets are best for survival, military, camping, and general outdoor adventure use.

A $150+ wool blanket isn’t something you’d pack and go into the bushes with. Instead, cheaper blankets can handle wild situations, and you won’t feel a pinch on the cost therein. Oddly, these cheaper covers are more durable than the costlier ones. However, their feel is often different from the blankets made from finer. To achieve the best results, you can use a wool-designed detergent containing lanolin. The detergent will preserve the blanket and also soften it.

  • Itch Factor

Many people associate wool blankets with itchiness. This claim is valid since wool is somewhat rough. When out for purchase, be sure to inquire whether the wool was refined to become softer and thus less itchy.

Brands like Smart-wool and Lambs-wool are super soft. Noteworthy, the softer wools cost substantively more. If you find the blanket to be so itchy, you can add a sheet layer so that the blanket layers don’t touch your skin directly. The clothing you’re wearing can also form a barrier to an itchy wool blanket.

Let’s be real, though, is itch a significant factor when you’re in an emergency? I don’t think so. This doesn’t mean that all the cheaper wool blankets will be very itchy. Rather, it is an important factor to consider when out for purchase, so you don’t settle for an irritating cover.

Our Top Pick

Our top-rated wool blanket for bushcraft is the Desert Breeze blanket. The cover has all it takes to take the crown home.

Unlike any other blanket in our list, this one brags 100-percent virgin wool. This generous wool amount means that the manufacturer kept the bushcraft lover in mind. It also blends premium quality and superior comfort. The combination brings forth a super-soft, warm, non-itchy, blanket with a nice thickness.

Seemingly, the desert breeze blanket understood that it’s not just about the cold. It comes with an elegant tan brown color that makes it esthetically appealing. This bonus feature can only make sense to fashion lovers.

With all these features, it is doubtless that the desert breeze blanket is the way to go!

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