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Bushcraft Belt Kit 2020 [ Best for utility and Survival]

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Surviving in the wilderness is not about stocking a lot of gears, but it is all about mentality. The mentality of making everything around you useful.

Bushcraft belts happen to be one of the most important items to come along with although the primary function of the belt is to hold up a trouser.

However, they have an unlimited day to day uses, especially when surviving in the wilderness. A versatile belt is the one that can secure things in place, design to clinch, and bind.

Did you know that the bushcraft belt can be a makeshift self-defense tool? When you start to think about it, you will realize bushcraft belts have an endless list of uses apart from holding up your trousers.

Bushcraft belts have some characteristics similar to that of the ordinary belt, but the only thing that makes them different is that survival belts are much durable.

The good thing with survival belts is that they come with built-in survival tools which perform different functions while in the bush.

Shopping for bushcraft belts can be an overwhelming process since you need to get a right bushcraft belt for survival. In this article, I have different highlight types of bushcraft belts and wrap up by talking about the best belts for survival in the wilderness. If you happen to be in the market shopping for them before buying any survival belt. Let’s get started.

Different Types of Bushcraft Belt

Recently, there has been a massive demand for survival gears, and belt niche has also been on rising demand. You should note that different belts perform different functions.

Therefore, you should consider your goals when purchasing a particular bushcraft belt. The following is a list of bushcraft belts for survival in the wilderness.

Condor Tactical Belt

Are you looking for a tactical belt? Look no further than tactical condor belt since it is much affordable than any other type of survival belts.

The belt is designed with amazing features like a point where to hold a pistol and a couple of magazines. It has several other pouches that can carry extra survival gears that you want to come within the wilderness.

The buckle is made of plastic making it look like a military belt sometimes used back in the 1980s. The clasp is sturdy, but it is highly susceptible to breakage if exposed to a lot of colds.

The bushcraft belt is highly versatile. It can easily be adjusted, and it comes with two pouches for holding pistol magazines. You can reposition them in whatever style that you want.

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Military Style 3 Pronged Pistol Belt

Guess what? Military style 3 is the primary survival belt on the list. The reliability and durability is the reason why I included it on the list.

It is also the reason why the United States military has been using them for over some decades. They are insanely useful and easy to operate.

The bushcraft belts are made from materials that are durable and affordable. If you have been planning to purchase a durable survival belt, then you are in the right place.

The belt is designed to hold several survival gears and weapons. Simple to use should be the first thing to consider when buying a survival belt.

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Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Belt

My list of best bushcraft belt will not come to an end without mentioning Gerber bear Grylls survival belt. The belt comes with a lot of unique features as compared to the others.

The strap is made of nylon, which is durable and the buckle made of plastic making them resistant to water. They tend to experience low wear and tear.

The buckle has a small compartment of carrying fishing hook, fishing line, clips and leads weight. It is the favorite belt for survival in the wilderness where there plenty of lakes or rivers.

The extra room in the compartment can carry several things, and this is what makes this bushcraft belt unique from others.

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Paracord Survival Belt

This is the most used survival belts by many survivors across the world due to their fabulous tools. These belts are highly durable, and they are known to serve many functions as compared to other straps.

The belt style of making came from that of the paracord survival bracelets which serve many functions but it belt format, it can be much useful during survival.

The good thing with these belts is that they are quite durable and can be used for a variety of functions. It is an excellent belt for surviving in the wilderness for a couple of days or months.

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Elite Cobra Riggers Belt

This is another prestigious bushcraft belt. Unfortunately, it lacks fabulous features that are found in other survival belts mentioned above.

The looks and appearance of the belt are badass. It is strictly durable, useful, and meant for safety purposes. It is also suitable for when in need of climbing due to their tactical features.

It also has a built-in D-Ring Cobra buckle which is essential for repelling from sheer face cliffs. The strap is made of military spec type 13 webbing which is rated to be 7000 lbs of tensile strength.

It is the perfect choice in the market for tactical activities, and it is considered to be much affordable for the survivalist in the wilderness.

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The Valois SSD-100 Tactical Knife Belt

This is a utility belt made with classic style but meant for self-protection while surviving in the wilderness. The buckle is designed with a knife, and this is want to make this type of survival belt to be considered as premium bushcraft belt.

That’s not all. The knife sits secured in the buckle and can also be easily removed in case of an emergency. The belt has different sizing, and it can be adjusted from 24 to 52 inches. The blade of the knife is super sharp with drop points and the serrated section as well. The webbing of the belt is durable, and it can fit any standard belt loops.

Final Thoughts

Belts perform different functions, and it should be among the tools to consider when planning for an emergency during survival in the wilderness.

This is the reason why you should always think about purchasing the best bushcraft belt adequate planning and also due to their incredible purposes.

Consider survival belts that are simple to use, and they are highly versatile in terms of utility. You will reap a lot of benefits from them during your survival in the wilderness.

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