Best Bushcraft Saw 2021 (Foldable and The Most Reliable)

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With the huge plethora of saws available in the market, it is becoming extremely difficult for a newbie to make an informed choice.

New brands keep coming up and without some good research, you might end up buying a poor quality product. Fortunately, I have interacted with a lot of tools and from my experience, it’s pretty easy to identify good bushcraft saw.

At least, I’ll save you the hustle of trial and error by updating you on the best bushcraft saws currently. Besides, I have compiled a pretty detailed buying guide that you can refer to when you hit the shopping.

 Top 5 Folding Bushcraft Saws Reviews

In this section, I will review each product in detail so that you can learn the specific attributes of my top picks. I have put in a lot of work and research so that I can provide you with my firsthand experience when testing these folding saws. Of course, there are plenty of saws in the market but these ones are the crème de la crème.

Silky Ultra Accel Folding Saw

Silky is one of the most popular and reputable companies in the industry and it’s pretty good at making high-quality bushcraft saws.

At least you can rest assured that the Ultra Accel model is a top of the class product that is built for performance. I am sure you are probably wondering why this folding saw is my top pick. Well, let’s jump straight to the attributes that make it a worthy investment.

Stellar Performance

If you are looking for an all-around saw that delivers fast cuts, then the Professional Series Ultra Accel is your best bet. This beast comes with a curved blade that offers maximum speed and efficiency. Besides, it has large teeth with a TPI of 6.4. This explains why cutting wood with this bushcraft saw is always a breeze.

Build Quality

It goes without saying that the Ultra Accel has an awesome and solid design. Each and every component is made from high-quality materials so as to enhance its longevity.

For instance, the blade has been subjected to impulse hardening technology in order to maintain its sharpness and normal flexibility.

This allows your saw to get into tight spaces without affecting the blade. Moreover, the frame itself has been built using lightweight aluminum and it’s covered with thick rubber. At least you will enjoy a stable and comfortable grip while cutting wood or pruning branches.


  • It cuts pretty fast
  • Has a very comfortable handle
  • The blade is durable
  • It is covered by a limited lifetime warranty


  • Honestly, this hand saw has no flaws

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Bahco Laplander

Bahco Laplander is an all-rounder folding saw that has been in the market for a long time. In fact, it is not difficult to spot one in camping sites as it is quite common among campers.

The Laplander is a workhorse, and it performs much better than its competitors. It has definitely cemented its place in the industry. Below are a few reasons why you can never go wrong with a Laplander.

Easy to Use

You’ll agree with me that some folding saws might be sophisticated when it comes to cutting. Fortunately, the Bahco Laplander has XT teeth that are designed to cut on the push and pull. At least beginners will find it easy to process wood with this tool.

Awesome Design

This camping saw is designed to be lightweight and compact in order to fit in your backpack. Besides, it comes with a safety lock that ensures the blade stays in place when it’s not in use.

This ensures that your backpack and belongings are safe from tears and scratches. Finally, the blade is coated with a nice finish that reduces friction and offers rust protection.


  • It saws much faster
  • It is affordable
  • Has a lightweight and compact design
  • It is great for camping


  • The blade is thin and might bend when pressure is applied

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Corona RS 7265D foldable Saw

The Corona RS is yet another high-quality folding saw that has been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback. You will definitely fall in love with its overall design and performance.

Besides, the saw has established its place in this industry by outdoing its competitors. This explains why the Corona RS is highly rated among campers and gardeners.

Efficient blade

Being one of the best folding saws, Corona is equipped with a very efficient curved blade. Its 10-inch blade has 3 sided razor teeth that cut wood smoothly.

What’s more? The blade has a chrome finish that helps in reducing friction and jamming when cutting wood. You will also notice that the SK5 steel blade remains sharp for longer periods because it contains high carbon content.

Great Handle

Once you get your hands on this blade, you will probably notice that it has an appealing handle. The red and black color makes it look great but most importantly, it helps you trace it with ease in case you misplace it in the woods. Besides, the handle is made from plastic thus providing maximum levels of comfort.


  • The blade stays sharp for longer periods
  • It has a long and comfortable handle
  • It is great for cutting large pieces of wood
  • Has an aggressive teeth pattern


  • It is quite expensive to replace the blade

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Agawa Canyon Folding Bow Saw

The Agawa Canyon Folding Saw is a great option for people who are ready to fork out some extra money. At its price point, it is definitely one of the best saws for bushcraft.

Besides, it has a bow design which makes it different from other folding saws. The good thing about this saw is that it will meet your needs without compromising on functionality, size, or ease of use.

Awesome Design

As I mentioned earlier, the Agawa Canyon has a simple but unique design that allows you to set up in seconds. All that is required of you is to unfold the frame, snap it into position and you’ll be good to go. Its foldable design allows you to carry it during camping, hunting, and backpacking.

Durable Construction

Although the Agawa Canyon is expensive, you’ll be surprised that it will serve you and your grandkids without experiencing any workmanship defects. It comes with stainless steel hardware, a strong aluminum frame, and a glass-filled nylon handle.


  • It unfolds and folds pretty fast
  • It has a very sharp blade
  • Extremely durable


  • It is a bit large

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Silky BigBoy 14.2 in Folding Saw

If you are looking for a larger bushcraft folding saw, then the Silky Bigboy should be your number one choice. As you would expect of any Silky saw, the BigBoy will offer solid performance and durability.

In case you would like to cut large thick pieces of wood, this 14. 2 inches saw will do it pretty fast. Below are few things that make Silky Bigboy the best bang for the buck.

Large Capacity

There is no doubt that the BigBoy is in its own league when it comes to efficiency. Being one of the largest folding saws available, you can count on it to cut large limbs as well as small trunks.

Thanks to its 14.2-inch blade that offers longer strokes for effortless cutting. What’s more? The blade utilizes the MIRAI-ME tooth technology for the fast cutting action. Besides, this technology combined with the 1.8mm thickness enhances the longevity of the blade.

Secure Handle

The BigBoy is equipped with a thick non-slip handle that provides a strong grip to the user. Besides, you will notice that it is long and comfortable enough to hold with both hands.


  • It can cut green or dry wood
  • It’s super sharp
  • It is a great saw for camping
  • comes with a secure non-slip handle


  • It does not cut in both directions

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How To Choose The Best Saw (Buying Guide)

Shopping for a folding saw should not be difficult if you know what to look for. Newbies end up buying junk just because they failed to consider the most important aspects.

I’ll take you through some of the key factors so that you are able to make an informed decision when buying your bushcraft saw.

Cutting Mechanism

Folding saws use different mechanisms to cut wood. Some will only cut on the pull while another cut from both the push and pull strokes.

Knowing the pros and cons of each type will help you settle for a bushcraft saw that suits your needs. Saws that cut on the pull allows you to cut in a straight line because you will have more control.

At least you will get a precise cut and smooth finish on your timber. On the other hand, saws that use the push and pull stroke to cut are fast and aggressive.

The only downside is that you won’t have control over the cut and you will get a rough finish on your timber. Beginners are probably more comfortable cutting with the push and pull models as they are easy to use. Pull-only saws tend to jam when you apply a lot of pressure.

Blade Efficiency

As you well know, the blade is the most important part of your bushcraft saw. If you fail to choose the right one, then you will just be lying to yourself that you have a good saw.

How do you know that a blade is efficient? Well, you have to look at the number of Teeth per Inch (TPI). Any blade that has a lot of teeth per inch will be great for making smooth cuts.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take you eons to cut through wood. On the other hand, a blade with fewer teeth per inch is quite fast but on the flip side, it makes rough cuts.


It is always imperative to check the material that has been used to make a folding saw. This factor will give you a rough idea of how long your saw will last and how it will perform.

The handle or frame must be made from a sturdy material that provides extra support to the blade. Always go for blades that use hardened stainless steel because they tend to last longer and most importantly, they will remain sharp for months. In addition, you should check whether the blade is coated in order to prevent rusting and friction.

Size and Weight

The other key factors you should look out for are the size and weight of the saw. No one wants to carry a heavy or large bushcraft saw unless it’s completely necessary.

The good thing with most brands is that they give you the option of choosing the size that suits your needs. In case you want a saw that you can use while hiking or backpacking, then you should go for a compact and lightweight option to avoid the unnecessary weight. The only reason why you should carry a large folding saw is when you want to cut thick wood.


Safety is always an important issue especially when you are dealing with folding saws. This is why most companies equip their saws with locks to keep the blade secured while not in use. At least you won’t risk cutting your hands or even damaging your backpack.

Availability Of Replacement Parts

Before you hit the checkout button, it is important that you confirm that your tool has replacement blades available. Popular brands will always have replacement parts on the cheap in order to ensure that your saw survives a failure.

Bushcraft Saws Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are bushcraft bow saws used for?

The primary bow saws are versatile and are mostly used in pruning trees, cutting firewood, and breaking down extensive woods into small usable firewood.

Q: Are bow saws for woodworking any different?

You can get bow saws specially designed for detailed woodworking tasks and are mainly used by artisans. However, most saws are suitable for general use. The woodworking saws

Q: Where can I buy my bow saw?

Our products are Amazon-linked because this online store is a reliable platform that will give you quality bushcraft products.  We would therefore recommend you to make your purchases here.

Q: Is it easy to replace a damaged or dull saw blade?

Well, it’s relatively easy to replace your blade. If your saw uses a specialty blade, you’ll have to order a new one directly from the manufacturing company. But generally, the replacement process is still simple.

Q: How large can my bow saw get?

Gigantic bow saws have an average length of 36 inches.

Q: What’s better: smaller bow saws or larger ones?

This answer depends on your needs. The shape, size, shape, and tooth design make a big difference when choosing your references’ specific saw.

Q: How often should I replace my blade?

The frequency will vary depending on how often you use and sharpen the blade. If you’re properly maintaining it, the blade can last for a longer time.

Wrapping Up

It is my sincere hope that you have gathered a lot of information on bushcraft saws, and you are at a better position to pick the perfect one for your needs. I can tell you for sure that having a folding saw is important especially if you love being in the outdoors.

You don’t have to carry an axe around while you can opt for a lightweight and compact folding saw. Make sure you use the buying guide to choose your favorite tool. Alternatively, you can go with my top recommendations and you won’t regret. In case you have any doubts or questions, feel free to leave a message and I’ll be happy to help.

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