Bushcraft Gear [What You Really Need]

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Here is the thing:

If you’re planning to go out camping in the woods for some days, you’ve have come to the right place. I have outlined the best model for bushcraft kit and some of the thing to go along within the campsite. Bushcraft is a lost art, but recently it has experienced some gradual growth.

The growing popularity has triggered the desire to know more about the content of bushcraft kit. Most of the preppers in the world prefer to start early preparation before heading for their adventure. The initial planning helps them to avoid landing in the apocalyptic scenario while hiking in the wilderness.

Having a well-equipped bushcraft kit will help to solve some of the arising problems while exploring the wilderness. There is plenty of equipment to include in the bag, but many people have no clue about them.

The article provides detail information about what you should take with you while heading for a camp or hiking in the wild. There is no fluff here. Take your time to read through the article.

Bushcraft Kit Consideration for Beginners

If you’re planning to go out for a couple of weeks or months, then it is advisable to consider durable bushcraft kit. However, you will be forced to pay more for these kits, but it is worth the amount of money spent.

The bushcraft equipment will enable you to withstand the harsh condition in the wilderness for a time of stay without experiencing any problem.

Always remember to make your kit easy to carry by, including only the necessary equipment for survival. The heavy bag will make you exhausted and even fail to accomplish the period of stay in the campsite. Identify an approach of packing the kits that will suit your exploration desires without causing any negative impact on your body.

Here is the most basic bushcraft kit that a beginner should consider when planning for wandering in the wilderness.

Sleeping and Shelter Kit

The bushcraft kit will comprise of the sleeping bag, sleeping mat, bivvy bag, and tarp. It is quite chilly to sleep outside, and if you are not well covered, then the chances of getting sick are high.

Sleeping bags occur in different variety, and it is recommended to pick one that suits the season as well as the activity. You can either use a plastic bag or goose down bag depending on your choice.

I prefer a lightweight bag. Sleeping mat also helps an individual to feel comfortable while sleeping. Consider packing a self-inflating sleeping mat in this case.

Come along with a decent size tarp rather than a tent since it creates a spacious room to live not only sleeping. They also occur in different varieties in the market, and most of them tend to be good.

Carrying Bushcraft Kit

This is the vital kit to consider before anything else when planning to go for outdoor activities in the wilderness. It comprises of both the rucksack and rucksack liners. Consider purchasing a rucksack and rucksack liners that are good quality. This will help you overcome all the challenges that entail wandering in the wilderness.

Cooking and Water Kit

Food is an essential commodity for survival in the wilderness. Above all, water happens to be the priority to prevent dehydration. Therefore, the kit should consist of Billy can, water filter, spoon, water bottle, and a metal mug. This equipment will make your life more comfortable in the wilderness since you will be able to make your food.

Personal Hygiene Kit

You need to stay fresh throughout your stay in the campsite, and this is the reason why it is essential to carry personal effects.

It the kit should comprise of the toilet and washing effects. Some of the basic toiletries to carry are the toilet paper, wet wipes, and alcohol hand gel, among others.

Washing effects are ideal for outdoor hygiene. Therefore, remember to pack soap, toothbrush, and paste, as well as a razor for shaving.

Bushcraft Clothing

Kit Cloths are a must especially when heading to the tropical rainforest for camping or hiking. The environment is quite cold and rainy. You need to arm yourself with a waterproof shell since it has the capability of stripping off the rain: heavy warm layer shirt, soaks, underpants, and other spare clothes. You will also need a bandana, sun hat or warm hat that will protect your head from harsh weather in the wilderness while hiking.

Bushcraft Equipment Kit

This is one of the kits that is required to pack careful since it contains some of the most vital tools for survival in the wild. Some of the top equipment present in the bushcraft kit are ax, torch, bushcraft knife, folding saw, compass, map, binoculars, first aid kit, fire steel, and notebooks.

These equipment play a different role in a different capacity. For instance, the first aid kit is essential, especially for treating injuries incurred while wandering the wilderness.

Bushcraft knife also helps in cutting like splitting a wild meat piece after hunting while ax help in cutting down the logs for building a survival shelter in the forest.


That is much pretty, right? These are some of the main bushcraft kits to come along within the wilderness for survival as a beginner. The good thing is that you do not need to buy these gears at the same time.

But you can start by purchasing the essential kits first then followed by the others before planning your first adventure trip. A frequent exploration into the wilderness will also endow you with knowledge on how to survive in the desert in the long run due to experience.

Fear not since nobody was born as an expert, but we learn through experience. You even start with some few types of equipment as part of gathering knowledge and survival tactics.

Read more books about bushcraft kits and start building your bushcraft kit step by step to meet all the requirements for wilderness survival  Good Luck in your plan for the next adventure trip.

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