Best Bushcraft Pants 2020 [The Most Reliable and Elegant]

Best Bushcraft Pants 2020 [The Most Reliable and Elegant]

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If you’re asking why you need a special pair of pants for bushcraft, the answer is that they make the activity a lot more comfortable and easy.

Life in the wilderness is a different ballgame than living in cities and you will need protection against the weather and the tough environment.

The right pair of pants can help you focus on the more important tasks in the wild. Finding the Best Bushcraft Pants may seem difficult for beginners. This is where our guide can help you discover the best pair of bushcraft pants for your needs.

Quality Bushcraft Pants Reviews

#1 Fjallraven Vidda Pro

The Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers are a unique pair of pants that we found to be great for bushcraft. Made of G-1000 fabric which is a mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these fibers are molded with a bit of wax to keep them from getting soaked outside.

We found this feature great for the cold and wet weather but a little stuffy for tropical climate. Talking about storage, the Vidda Pro has two deep front pockets which can serve as hand-warmers but none are present in the rear.

You can find a large cargo pocket with a mesh divider towards your right and left. They have button flaps for security. There is also a narrow knife or hatchet pocket on the left with bottom button flaps.

Like most good bushcraft trousers, the knees are reinforced and allow for the placement of knee pads if you need more protection. Finally, the pants feature a snap button at the lower leg that helps you to cinch the cuffs around a boot.

The majority of customers felt that these features were well-thought of and greatly suited for bushcraft and I definitely agree.

They are burly but durable which makes it good for hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities. Although windproof, we would recommend that you wear thick socks or underwear beneath in cold weather.

What I like

  • Great for hot weather where protection from the sun is essential
  • Good value for money as the pair will last long
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Stretchable yet rugged which means it can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities

What I don’t like

  • No mesh-lined pockets to let moist air escape the pants

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#2 Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants

The Outdoor Ferrosi Pants are made of a 90D stretch ripstop nylon and 14% elastane blend which is airy and light. We are sure that these pants can be used in long bushcraft sessions and other adventures in the outdoors.

They do a great job in wicking water but of course, cannot offer full protection in a downpour. The material also dried out in not much time.

It gives the wearer a good stretch and allows mobility that is among the premium pants. These pants have a super simple ‘convertibility’ feature in the cuff that allows the wearer to pull the pants up with an elastic cord.

The cut of these pants is great. They have articulated knees and a gusseted crotch. A feature that we enjoyed is the strip of felt material inside of the waistband that reduces chafing and friction that is bound to occur if you have a waist belt clipped around them.

A belt is also included which is straightforward to use. The front pockets are lined with mesh which helps to wick off some heat. The bottom of the leg cuffs has elastic cords that help users to pull the pants up and secure them above the knee.

These two features are majorly responsible for cooling down the pants in hot weather. In terms of storage, there are two partly mesh-lined front pockets and a side pocket on the right thigh with a zippered opening.

While not too deep, the thigh pocket is placed strategically at an angle, making it easier to open and close. There are also two more pockets with no zip closures which wasn’t much of a problem unless you overstuff the pockets

What I like

  • Has a convertible feature that allows you to pull up the pants with an elastic cord
  • Allows for good mobility
  • Can be used for a lot of outdoor activities due to their ruggedness and flexibility

What I don’t like

  • These pants can be a little low on the hips which might take some time to get used to

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#3 Men’s Taclite Pro Tactical Pants with Cargo Pockets

The tactile Pro pants are made of a combination of Taclite poly/cotton ripstop fabric. They are treated with Teflon for stain resistance. This makes these pants rugged and we found them not easy to rip.

The manufacturers claim that the Teflon allows the pants to dry 25-40% faster than ordinary ones. We found the pants to maintain their qualities even after rigorous daily use. There are 48 individual bartacks in areas likely to undergo stress and the kneepad is doubly thickened.

But they are not too stiff which is important as you may need to run, crawl and kneel in the course of your bushcraft. As we mentioned in our guide, storage space in your pants is a big bonus.

The tactile features over 7 pockets placed in strategic areas to ensure easy and fast access. Customers found that they could store knives, phones, keys in the front and rear pocket while the cargo pockets located on the thighs could fit in a compact gun.

The belts loops are 2 inches wide which is compatible with the ¾” 5.11 Tactical Double Duty Belt or 5.11 Tactical Trainer Belt that can hold a gun holster, handcuffs, and more.

There are other color options such as black, grey and green which is great if you are looking for something besides the standard khaki color.

Because these pants do not look like traditional rugged survival pants, they can help you blend in while bushcrafting as well as shooting, hunting, running and hiking.

I found them great not only for bushcrafting but also for work-wear if you have to work on the field or do some manual labor.

What I like

  • Comfortable and breathable material
  • Patented stretch fabrics make it easy to move in
  • Teflon coating in the pants makes the pantsless prone to getting dirt and water on it
  • Triple stitched which makes the pants reinforced and stuffy

What I don’t like

  • I would have liked to see the pants in all synthetic material. This would make less prone to get wet

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#4 Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Tactical Pants

The Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Tactical Pants have a traditional cut for a more tailored fit. While these pants are not exactly military-grade, they can look similar to the tactical cargo pants that SWAT officers wear.

It comes in big and tall sizing that includes up to a 42-inch inseam a 60-inch waist. Made from a polyester and cotton blend, these pants are breathable and stain & water-repelling properties.

We found them great for bushcrafting in hot and humid weather. Made from a polyester-cotton rip-stop fabric, these pants are coated with Teflon, making them quick-drying, wind-resistant and durable.

They claim to be wrinkle-resistance which is a bonus but not a factor one would consider while bushcrafting. It features an elastic waistband and a gusseted crotch for maximum comfortability.

As for storage, there are two front pockets that are quite deep featuring a reinforced bridge created to hold a tactical knife safely.

There are also cargo pockets with a reinforced cover flap, a drop-in phone pocket behind each cargo pocket and two large back pockets.

What I like

  • Lightweight yet rugged
  • Great for hot weather
  • Good value for money
  • Plenty of room for the essential bushcrafting goods such as a folding knife, guns, torches and more

What I don’t like

  • the pants sometimes make noise while rubbing against each other. This diminishes with each wash.

#5 Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible

Made of recycled polyester and polyester mesh, the Columbia Silver Ridge is light with good breathability. These pair of pants have received a recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundations because of its amazing use of UV-absorbent yarns.

Not that you suggest not applying sunscreen, UV- protective clothing like these can add to your protection. Columbia also claims that the fabric allows dirt and stains to be easily removed but we are yet to test the feature.

It also uses Omni-Wick technology which wicks away sweat from the body, making them great for hot weather. It can keep you adequately warm in winters but you will need to wear a base layer first.

But the winning feature of these pants is its convertible technology which allows wearers to zip off the lower-leg section turning them into shorts.

They are lined with a soft fabric inside to avoid chafing your skin. The Columbia pants feature an elastic waistband and a minimalistic belt.

There is plenty of space available as it has 6 pockets two pockets in the front, two back pockets, a side pocket closed with Velcro and one zippered side pocket. Many customers enjoyed the look of the pants and enjoyed wearing them as casual wear outfits.

What I like

  • Affordable
  • Good placement of pockets
  • Great for use in moderate terrain in warm, dry climates because of its UV-absorbent yarn and wicking technology
  • Offers great breathability

What I don’t like

  • The material of the pants is not too stretchy which can make scrambling and climbing challenges.

Here are the main features you should keep an eye out for before purchasing bushcrafting pants:


Bushcrafting occurs in tough environments and your regular jeans, unfortunately, won’t be the best companion. For instance, you want to choose pants that are designed to provide waterproof benefits.

More so, the seams that on your pants should also be sealed to provide waterproof benefits. You would need pants made of durable material especially if you set camp in rugged terrain.

Materials like ripstop mesh, denier and Dupont Teflon in polyester, nylon and rayon fabric are ideal as they won’t rip when you come across thorns or bushes.


A comfortable bushcraft trouser will move along with your movements. not irritate pinch, riding down, basically not get in the way of your bushcrafting. Materials like nylon and spandex can are stretchy and facilitate user mobility.


Some of them are available with elastic waistbands that can be placed on the top of the trouser easily. That said, the other technical garments are often available with bibbed fronts and braces to maintain their positions.

It makes it simple to have less bulk around the waist, which means that you quickly use items such as harness belts.

Leg/Ankle Belt

Zips may seem pretty inconsequential and you ordinarily wouldn’t give them a second thought but they can be useful when it comes to bushcraft. Simple ankle zips or two-way zips that are full-length and accessible from the top can aid ventilation.

Storage Benefits

A good bushcraft pant should have pockets in the front, side, and back. They should be accessible with enough storage to hold things that you’ll need handy. Bushcrafters usually store keys, torches, knives, phone, and even trail snacks.


Without the right clothing, you may not have enough protection against uncertain weather. Whether it’s raining or really hot, your clothing needs to regulate the body’s temperature normal to prevent heat stroke or hypothermia.

If you live in a hot climate, breathability is a factor, you should definitely keep in mind as it will allow sweat and moisture to escape and keep you cool.

In colder areas, bushcraft pants that can accommodate under-trousers are preferable to add another layer against the cold.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, here’s a look at My Top 5 picks of bushcraft pants to make your task easier. I have chosen the above on the basis of extensive research, reviews, and trials.

Final Thoughts

Just like most bushcraft materials reliable pants are one of the most important things you need in your arsenal on your wilderness survival journey, they are just as important as a strong bushcraft backpack and I truly hope this comprehensive buying guide helped you choose the top trousers.

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