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Does Charcoal Go Bad? [Find Out if it Expire or Not]

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Charcoal is the cheapest source of energy, and many people have affectionate for it, especially when grilling barbecue since it brings that natural flavor.

So, does charcoal go bad? Well, this is among the frequently asked questions by new users of this source of energy. It is a great question to toss your mind on the ocean before we dived into the real facts.

In short, Charcoal does not go bad or expire unless it is used up. However, there are some chemicals and addictive used in preparing them to expire. Once the addictive and chemicals expire, it tends to be difficult to light up. These are the things that make charcoal to go bad if not used on time. Exposure of the charcoal bag to the moisture for a long time can also reduce the quality and also make it difficult to light up.

What is Charcoal?

Charcoal is a non-renewable source of energy produced by burning down wood in the absence of oxygen to result in a black carbon and ash residue.

Many homes in rural areas use charcoal as a source of fuels, cooking, and grilling foods. Also, charcoal can be used as a source of heat, cooking food, and water filtration in case of survival circumstances.

It is also good to note that charcoal can be found in different types, and each kind has its composition. The content of various sorts make them appear unique from each other, and this makes it easy to differentiate.

What Makes Charcoal to Go Bad?

Did you know that one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole matchbox to start a barbecue party? Well, let’s find out things that make charcoal to go wrong.

1. Improper Storage

Wrong storage of charcoal is the common cause that makes them go bad. Storing the bag of charcoal in wet condition will make it difficult to light since they tend to work in dry condition.

Acidic rain can also make the charcoal to go wrong and to light despite drying them out can be a nightmare again.

2. Improper Maintenance

Charcoals are commonly stored in paper bags, and this implies that they can quickly go wrong in case you live in a wet region. Humidity from the atmosphere can also make them go bad if not well maintained.

Different Types of Charcoal

Charcoal occur in different shape and sizes. This is the factor that results in different kinds of charcoal used for cooking. The types include:

1. Lump Charcoal

These are charcoals that are purely made from hardwood, and they are mostly used in grilling foods among many people. The charcoal lights up faster without the need for any chemical ignitors.

It releases more heat and naturally sweet flavor when grilling. However, the charcoal tends to be expensive and not readily available in the local stores or supermarkets. It also destroys indigenous trees that are mainly hardwood.

2. Pressed Charcoal Briquettes

These are charcoals that are made from small pieces of wood and organic materials. These components are pressed together into briquettes.

The charcoal tends to last longer after lighting up, but you need a chemical bidder so that it can light faster without any difficulties.

The bag of charcoal is readily available in the local supermarket, making it accessible to a large population. The charcoal is quite affordable and can be used for grilling food.

3. Coconut Charcoal

These are charcoals made from charred coconut shells, and wood pressed together into briquettes. The charcoal is also great for grilling food.

The charcoal burn evenly and also produces less ash as compared to other types of charcoals. They provide a lot of heat with sweet smelling smoke.

It happens to be the favorite source of heat, especially when having an overnight low and slow cook. However, the charcoal is quite expensive when compared to other forms of charcoals in the market.

How to Store Charcoal Properly

Charcoals tend to be cheaper during summer seasons, and this is usually the right time for purchasing bags of charcoal in bulk.

You need to know the proper way of storing them to prevent it from going bad. Here are the things to keep into consideration:

1. Choose the Right Container

Charcoals are usually packed in paper bags, and they are used why in dry condition. Device a plastic or metal container and pour them inside. These containers are waterproof, and they will keep the charcoal in a good state.

2. Place of Storage

It is recommended to store charcoal bags in a cool and dry place. The storage place should be free from any form of dampness. Consider a site that is not directly from sunlight since the heat from the sun can distort the quality.

Tips to Prevent Charcoal from Going Bad

Here are the tips for preventing the charcoal from going bad. They include:

  • Store the charcoal in a cool and dry place.
  • Place the charcoal in containers in case you stay in wet regions.
  • Do not store the charcoal in a hot and dry place.
  • Keep your charcoal away from water.
  • Check the shelf life of the charcoal before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

I hope the question has been fully answered. Charcoal does not expire. You are only required to store them properly, and they are likely to last for an extended period. If you are looking for bushcraft tips click here.

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