How Much Paracord Do You Need [What You Need to Know]

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Survival in the wilderness is something that needs a lot of planning since there are a lot of things that tend to occur unexpectedly.

Many survivors, whether experienced or newbie tend to focus much on food supplies and water. Do they ever think of a paracord? No.

A paracord is an essential survival gear for survival in the wilderness. It is one of the supply that has a lot of uses when compared to other types of equipment.

If you are planning for a hike or camping, then it is quite essential to include this staple into your survival planning list of supplies.

However, shopping for this product tends to be a daunting experience among many survivors since there are plenty of them in the market.

Also, how much paracord do you need? An important question to toss your mind before going to shop for it in the market.

There are a lot of factors to consider before knowing how much paracord you need for the adventure.

These factors are dependent on survivalist tastes and preferences among many others. In this guide, you will explore information about the meaning, uses, and how much paracords an individual need for the next adventure. Take your time to read thoroughly slowly.

What is Paracord?

I know many of you have heard of the term parachute. Therefore, the other term used to refer to a paracord is a parachute cord.

Hence, a parachute cord is a certain kind of rope made from high-quality nylon material that can be tied into many configurations.

If you have ever been into the forest for bushcrafting, you know why ropes are quite important, especially when setting up a tent and moving around the trail.

Also, other handy emergencies can arise like snake bites, and you will need the rope to tie the affected area to minimize the spread of the snake venom.

Ideally, paracord was typically used to parachutes. Advancement in technology and the emergence of so many needs have made it versatile in terms of utility.

Some of the fantastic features that make paracord essential supply for hiking or camping is the ability not to dry, rot, and mildew resistant.

Besides that, the parachute cord is quite robust, lightweight, and soft. These features the need for the rope in any survival backpack gear.

Boosting lots of praises from many survival forums and Facebook groups. A parachute cord is not an ordinary nylon rope. Many survivalists love military 550 types.

Why? It has several inner strands, and it does a couple of work during emergencies.

What are Paracords Used for?

A parachute cord can be made at home quickly if you have the required materials and have more in-depth knowledge concerning the number of strands needed.

A paracord can be used in several ways during an emergency and survival in the wilderness. This is the reason why it is regarded as an essential gear never to leave behind.

Here are some of the popular uses of a paracord while in the wilderness during survival. The applications include:


This is an ancient art practiced by many people, but it is still being embraced as many people love hiking and camping in the wilderness.

Many survivalists craft the rope into belts for holding a couple of gears while trailing the terrain of the wilderness. Sometimes, it can be crafted into boot laced in case the available get torn out while strolling in the wilderness.

They are soft and robust hence can help hold your feet into position while in the camping boots.

Hanging Hammock

Hammocks are essential gears while on the camping site. However, most of them tend to come with weak ropes that are highly susceptible to breakage.

The paracord can be used during such circumstances, and they tend to be long-lasting when it comes to hanging hammock while in the wilderness.

Hunting and Gathering

Sometimes food supplies tend to run out, especially if you got lost in the wilderness. You know lack of food can affect your well-being.

You can remove the strands inside the paracord and improvise them into a fishing line in case you have fishing hooks. This can help you catch fish to be used as food during survival.

Emergency Snares

Wilderness is a home of many wild animals. Exploring the wilderness needs someone to be armed with so many things to come out safely.

Sometimes you can be bitten by a snake that has venom, and you will be expected to get one strand from the paracord then tie the leg. This will prevent the poison from spreading.

Lanyard for Items

Paracords are made from highly versatile and flexible materials. The paracord lanyard can help to get access to plenty of essential items while trailing in the wilderness.

You can easily tie the rope around the waist to act as a belt and help to hold necessary items like a knife and machete.

Dragging Things

Firewood is excellent for creating warmth while on the camping site. You will, therefore, be expected to fetch dry logs of wood for this purpose.

However, carrying these logs can be tedious but tying them with paracord and drag the woods seems to tend to be quite more comfortable.

You can also use a sled and drag the hunted game meat on it. This makes it even more comfortable and more relaxed.

Pull Cord for Engines in Boats.

Do you love exploring the sea with your boat engine? How often does the pulling rope get distorted? Well, paracord can help in a scenario where the pulling line of the boat engine has broken.

The rope is quite strong and flexible. The feature makes it quite ideal in such cases of emergency while far from the offshore of the lake or sea. It can help restart the engine again.

Entertainment in the wilderness

Life in the desert can be stressful and boredom. To break the monotony, you need to take some time to relax and allow your mind to wander.

You can tie a paracord on a tree branch and take a few swings. These activities will help relieve stress and also break the boredom.

How Much Paracord Do You Need?

There are a lot of articles and tutorials that talk about paracords over the internet. Unfortunately, they rarely talk about how much paracord you need during your survival in the wilderness.

Here is the deal. The size and length of paracord depend on several things like the project. Therefore, you need to find out about the demand and the purpose before deciding on a certain extent.

If you are buying a paracord for survival to stash in the hiking backpack, then go for about 250 ft. The length of the parachute cord will be enough to last for a couple of times in the wilderness.

On the other hand, if you need the cord for designing a bracelets ideal for scavenging the consider a cord that measures 10 ft.

This will comfortably help to finish the bracelets. Waist belts tend to take lots of cord since they are broader and more extended.

Here you will need about 120 ft rope to finish a single strap for survival in the wilderness. Sometimes estimating the exact amount of cord to handle a specific project can be quite hard.

It is, therefore, advisable to consider large amounts to prevent running out of the rope while managing the project.

Final Remarks

A paracord is an essential gear for survival in the wilderness, as stated earlier in the post, but it is quite hard to estimate the exact amount needed.

In most cases, many survivalists will consider sticking with trial and error. But it is not advisable to stick to the saying of trial and error.

I recommend survivalists to carry enough amount that can help them handle various projects without running short of it.

Feel free to share stories about the amount of paracord that you have used in the past and how things went in the long run. I will appreciate it much.

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