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How To Make A Snare Trap For Rabbits [Proven Technique]

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Life is full of surprises. You need to endow yourself with survival skills so that you can stay alive during survival situations.

You will be expected to work for a meal while in the wilderness. Mother Nature is always brutal since you will need energy before finding your way out.

Rabbit meat happens to be the primary source of energy since it contains both fats and protein. However, inexperienced hunters will find it difficult to trap these wild rodents.

The article provides a step by step guide on how to make a snare trap for rabbits while facing a tricky situation in the wilderness.

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Why Snare Rabbits?

Rabbit meat is the ancient source of proteins that were used to provide energy for those people used to live in the wilderness due to certain situations.

The taste of the meat is so mouthwatering, and it is regarded as the best alternative for chicken meat. It happens to be the typical food for soldiers during the Second World War due to the shortage of food supply.

Unfortunately, rabbits are not common in all countries due to weather climates. It is regarded as a rare millennial meal for people in the US, but it is gaining popularity gradually.

Think about the laws of the state before attempting to snare these rodents or else you can find yourself on top of the frying pan.

What Are The Benefits Of Rabbit Meat?

Food, shelter, and water are the essential needs for survival in the wilderness. It is recommended to sort out these issues first before signaling for rescue.

Snaring rabbits in the wilderness is quite simple and easy. You do not need to use a massive steel trap; thus, the reason why setting up the trap can take one minute.

The following are some of the benefits derived from rabbit meat after snaring them. The benefits include:

  • The primary source of proteins for lifesaving while facing a survival situation
  • The fat content of the flesh is low, and it is the best white meat alternative for chicken meat
  • The meat of the rabbit is easily digestible hence suitable for children and elderly
  • It is free from cholesterol thus ideal for the proper functioning of the heart
  • The beef from rabbits are more edible per pound as compared to chicken meat
  • The high amount of calcium and phosphorus adequate for bone development in children
  • The population of rabbits is the primary source of proteins since they are highly productive

Is Snare Trapping Illegal?

Snaring is a primitive art of hunting, and it is mainly used by people to trap small game, causing damage around the home or for survival situations where an individual needs food.

Research shows that it is a human way of pest control, especially if it is set up using the right materials and in the right direction.

Unfortunately, some people set it up incorrectly hence causing injury and stress to the animal. Accidental capture of non-targeted animals and causing damage to them is regarded as unlawful.

This is the reason why you need to be aware of the law concerning wild animals in your state or country before thinking about how to make a snare trap for rabbits. Fortunately, there are so many organizations that offer training to people who want to learn how to trap small game without causing stress and injury to them.

The knowledge gained through the training will help to get the experience of snaring these wild animals humanely and respectably.

Catching these animals this way is regarded not to be against the law since they will not get injured. Read the act concerning the wildlife in your state and get to know if you are required to get a license before practicing this ancient art of hunting.

Do Snares Kill Rabbit?

Yes. Improperly laid up snare traps that are made from heavy materials are likely to cause injury or even result in the death of the rabbit.

Therefore, you need to check on the required materials of setting up a snare trap because killing an animal while practicing this art of hunting is regarded to be inhumane wildlife.

However, there are so many types of snare traps, and it is recommended to pick the simplest one that does not harm the rabbit.

Moreover, you can consider going to training and gain experience on how to trap these small game without causing injury or killing them. You should note that killing small wild game is another way of violating the law, especially if you lack a permit to do so.

Why Choose A Snare Trap?

A snare trap is simple to set up. It is the best DIY for trapping small wild game causing trouble around your home and also for hunting rabbits during survival situations.

These snare traps are highly affordable, and they can also be used in large numbers for bushmeat as well as small furbearers.

The process of trapping these small game requires a lot of patience since it involves learning by trial and error. You will be expected to improvise ways to be a successful hunter.

There are several things that you will be expected to put into consideration like the trails of the rabbit, size, and activity of location before setting up a trap.

What Are The Basic Requirements For A Rabbit Snare?

The necessary materials for setting up a snare trap are anchored wire or wire noose which is used to capture the animal while it passes through it.

You will also need a small hatched for cutting branches that are used to suspend the loop. In case you do not have a little hatched, then a knife can also do the same function.

Determine the size and weight of the rabbit since it will help to check on the thickness as well as the method to catch the wild game.

How To Make A Snare Trap For Rabbits

The chances are that you have seen so many articles over the internet that shows step by step guide on how to make a snare trap for rabbits. But most of them tend to violate the laws.

Here is a step by step guide that will make you a successful hunter when it comes to setting up snare traps for rabbits. Let’s jump in.

  1. Use a wire that has a gauge between 21 and 24. The most preferred wires are those made of copper, brass and stainless steel wire though you can still use ropes.
  2. Cut the cord to about 21 inches in length using a needle nose pliers, but you can even cut the wire longer depending on the location of the setup.
  3. Create a small loop of the fence at one end. Ensure the circle is tight so that it cannot fail in the process of capturing the rabbit.
  4. Thread the other end of the wire through the loop. The process will help to make a larger loop that will catch the rabbit regardless of the size.
  5. Bend the looped wire in a vertical position to assist in maintaining the shape.
  6. Identify the pathway or runway of the rabbit and set up the trap of the rabbit.
  7. Ensure the wire is securely fastened to s sturdy branch by wrapping the wire on the branch. Make sure the bottom loop is about 6 inches.
  8. Place some small sticks around the trap to funnel the rabbit through the trap quickly. Visit the site after 24 hours to check the catch.

Final Thoughts

Here you have it, this is one of the most effective technique when it comes to making a snare trap for rabbits in the wilderness if you have any questions about bushcraft feel free to as me, cheers.

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