preserving meat in the wild

How to Preserve Meat in the Wild [Smoking & Salting Hack]

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Here is the thing:

A change in situation can render a big problem for people who rely on fridges to preserve their foods. This implies that they will no longer get access to a refrigerator and preserving meat can be a challenge.

However, there are other methods of preserving meat that has been used for over some centuries. The life of an ancient hunter and gatherer skills are still useful up to date.

Surviving in the wilderness require an individual to be endowed with skills on how to make a water filter and preserve the game meat.

It is the only way to conquer the challenges in the wilderness. The article provides a no bullshit guide on how to preserve meat in the wilderness as well as answering some of the frequently asked questions about meat preservation.

Why You Need to Preserve Meat

The ancient clubs knew how to preserve meat even without having a freezer, and this is the same way an individual can survive in the wilderness by keeping their game meat.

Bacteria is the most common cause of meat rotting. Research shows that they have the capability of eating up the meat even before you start.

These microorganisms are found almost everywhere, and they can pose a challenge when you want to preserve your meat naturally.

You need to familiarize yourself with survival skills in the wilderness of fighting back these bacterial and keep your meat safe for consumption.

There are several methods of preserving meat in the wilderness, and most of them are easy to follow. You do not need to get any form of training to apply them. Continue reading to be equipped.

How Long Does Dried Meat Last?

Drying meat is the best option of preserving meat, especially if you are planning to go hiking or camping in the wilderness for a couple of months.

Meat dehydration is not only used for preservation but also to make it less bulky as well as more compact and eliminate moisture content.

The storage of the dried meat will determine how long it is going to last. Proper storage of dried meat is likely to stay longer and safe for consumption.

Meat dryness help prevents molds and bacterial invasion on the meat due to lack of a favorable environment for their growth. Research shows that dried meat is likely to stay for more than six months.

However, it is recommended to eat it before the end of the third month to enjoy the natural taste. Meat dehydration is an alternative way of preservation in case you found yourself in the wilderness. It can serve you for a couple of months before locating your way out.

Can You Eat 2 Year Old Frozen Meat?

Frozen meat can stay fresh for consumption for a couple of months. According to research, meat stored under 00 F for long is safe for use.

Frozen meat prevent the growth of microorganisms that causes meat spoilage and other foodborne diseases. However, if the frozen meat stays for a long time is likely to lose its natural taste.

If you happen to be in the wilderness that is full of snow, then it is quite easy to store your game meat in a frozen state.

You can dig into the snowball and insert the meat for storage. It is recommended to cook for long frozen meat. This helps to cook the meat well and also enable it to taste natural.

How To Preserve Meat In The Wilderness

Preserving meat is impossible, especially if it is done improperly. Meat is a perishable food, and it is likely to go bad within a short time.

Here are several methods on how to preserve meat in the wilderness and remain safe for human consumption. The plans include:

How to Preserve Meat in the Wild by Smoking

This is the earliest means of preserving meat. The good thing about this method is that it gives the meat a sweet taste. Smoking the meat under the organic materials help to combine the meat flavor with the smoke to bring out that authentic taste.

Collect beach woods that are dry and lit them. Ensure the temperature is above 50 degrees and start smoking the meat. Ensure the smoke from the fire cover the whole meat pack.

Allow the game meat to stay over the fire for some hours until all the moisture from it evaporates. Remember to avoid woods that produce too much smoke since it contains substances that can be harmful to your health.

Little smoke help to combat the development of molds and microorganisms that cause diseases. When making a fire spot ensure there is adequate ventilation so that the woods can get sufficient air that supports combustion. Place the meat in a position that it does not catch fire during smoking.

How to Preserve Meat in the Wild by Salting

This is the oldest method of preserving food. Meat is salted then smoked, which result in an authentic taste that is mouthwatering.

You can either use kitchen salt or brine to salt your meat for preservation. Brine meat involves the use of spices and salt. If you happen to be in the wilderness, then dry salting is the best option.

The process involves salting the meat with kitchen salt and then place it on the sun to dry. The best way to ensure the meat does not go after salting is by boiling then salt it.

Boiling helps to ensure there are no strains of blood on the meat. The salt should begrime so that it penetrates deeper into the flesh, and this will prevent the development of microorganisms, causing diseases.

Dry the meat between four to five days. Drying directly from the sun evaporates any form of moisture though grilling is the best option.

Final Thoughts

Using either drying salting or smoking method help to increase the shelf life of the meat while in the wilderness. The two process makes the meat to last longer and be safe for consumption.

These methods are suitable for any game meat while in the wilderness. It is recommended to carry all the necessary items while heading for hiking or camping in the wilderness.

Should note that proper storage also helps to determine how long the preserved meat is going to take. Ensure the meat is out of reach by any moisture, and this will inhibit the growth of molds known for causing meat rotting.

Survival in the wilderness needs an individual who is well endowed with survival skills. Lack of these skills can make your life tough while in the wilderness.

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