How to Sharpen a Mora Knife

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The Mora knife is one of those tools that come in handy, whether you are camping, fishing/hunting, hiking, or plain survival. They are superior knives to most bushcraft knives of any price, but remember a knife is just as good as its sharp.

This article explores the easiest and most efficient ways to make that knife cut fast and accurately.

1)      Using sharpening stones

Using sharpening stones

Sharpening stones, also called whetstones are both naturally found and synthetically made. The most common are oil stones, water stones, and diamond stones.

Most sharpening stones are grouped according to grit size, which normally includes: lower number about 220, which indicates coarse grit, which is preferable when the blade is dull. Midranges from 1000-1500 and a higher range, which is 4000 and above, preferable when the blade is fairly sharp.

Sharpening works by shaving off small bits of steel to make the blade sharp. This method is most applicable when the blade is dull, and it should not be overdone since it can distort the knife’s original shape.

·         How to sharpen a mora knife using stones

Hold the knife using your dominant hand. Position the blade’s tip on the stone, most preferably on a 20 degrees angle, appearing almost as if resting on the sharpening stone.

Using your other hand, place your fingers on top of the blade and using wide semi-circular movements, sweep the blade across the stone almost as if guiding it to your waist. Make sure to apply even pressure throughout the process.

Release the blade after each sweep. Do these for up to 15 times or until you feel a small fold on the metal edge. Flip the knife on the other side and continue the motions until the blade feels sharp to the touch.

2)           Honing the knife

Honing the knife

To have the knife operating at optimal condition, honing used be applied, preferably after each use. Honing is effective since it brings about the realignment of the blade. Most materials used to make honing rods are stainless steel, ceramic, and diamond coated ones. Ceramic rods are best suited for honing mora knives.

·         How to hone a Mora knife

You need honing steel with nonslip handle. Position the honing ceramic/steel vertically, holding it so that the less dominant hands thumb faces upwards, and the tip of the rod is resting on a block or chopping board.

With the rod stably held, position your knife on the rod at an angle of 20 degrees and run it down in single light motions along the rod.

Honing should be done by alternating the sides of the blade to each side of the rod in straight motions for about ten times per side.

3)           Stropping using a leather strap

Stropping using a leather strapTo give the Mora knife a polished shiny look, stropping is highly recommended. Stropping removes the last imperfections after sharpening, leaving the blade sharper with an aesthetic mirror-like edge.

·         How to strop a Mora knife

Unlike when sharpening, stropping requires that you move the back of the knife on the stropping leather. Whike at it, the sharp edge should move along rather than against the grain of the strop. This helps to  remove the imperfections on the blade and maintaining the strop at the same time.

Hold the tip of the blade against the strop and continue with the motions. To determine your accuracy, ensure the blade’s edge is shining; if you notice the side is the part most shining, you need to adjust your angle.

With the angle set, pull the knife gently upwards from its heel towards the tip. Continue with the motions until a mirror-like edge appears.

For final touches, ease the pressure on the strop, such that you are only using the weight of the knife as pressure. This will result in the knife having a sharp and polished look.

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