How To Make A Water Filter In The Wild (Purify Safely)

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Water is quite essential than food when it comes to survival in the wilderness or during disaster situations. Research shows that humans can survive for long without food but with water only.

Take note that you need fresh and clean water to stay safe. But how can you get clean water in the wilderness? A typical question from a novice scavenger.

Let’s cut to the chase. If you are looking for the best step by step guide on how to make a water filter in the wild, you’ve have come to the right place. No fluff here. Take your time to read the article.

Why is Filtering Water Important?

The body of human beings is made up of about 95% of water. There are quite a good number of benefits linked to water in the human’s body.

Therefore, you are required to drink about seven glasses daily to enjoy some of these benefits. What if you are in the wilderness? You can get water from the streams or rivers.

However, you are not supposed to drink it directly, even if it looks fresh and clean. There are bacteria and contaminants in it.

You need a water filter to get rid of these substances that can hurt your health. The ability to create your water filter in the wilderness is a great survival skill.

The skill will enable you to get fresh and clean water for your survival. Clean water is safe, and it rarely compromises with your health. Therefore, you should not put your life at risk by drinking water directly from the source.

Does All Water Need to be Purified?

The primary purpose of treating water is to make it safe for human consumption — water treatment help to kill bacteria, causing diseases.

Therefore, staying safe should be the first thing an individual should put in place. Whether at home or in the wilderness, you need to drink clean water for safety purposes.

However, not all water needs to be treated. Rainwater in the wild can be collected in the bottle and drink directly since it is safe. Research shows that water in the wilderness is safe for drinking so long as it is collected using the right channels.

Water from the lakes, rivers, and streams need to be treated since it contains bacterial footprints that can cause waterborne diseases.

Device a water filter that will help you purify the water and make it healthy for your consumptions during your survival in the wilderness.

Are There Risks Associated With Drinking Contaminated Water?

Contaminated water has footprints of bacterial and parasites. Once these microorganisms are ingested into the body, they can lead to some weird illness.

These organisms causing diseases usually enter the water sources from animal feces, urine, and even dead carcasses. Wilderness water is linked to several waterborne diseases.

These diseases come with unbearable symptoms like violent diarrhea, which can make your life difficult while in the wilderness.

Therefore, it is recommended to treat or filter any water while in the wilderness, especially if it has unquestionable sources. Treating water will save you from much debilitating illness. Make sure to stay hydrated while in the wilderness since it is healthy.

What Does A Survival Water Filter Do?

The water filter is an excellent device for healthy survival in the wilderness. It makes water from undoubted sources safe for human consumption.

Getting a high-quality water filter on board while in the wilderness will help to remove microorganism, causing diseases from drinking water.

Sometimes getting these high-quality water filter from the store can be expensive and complicated to clean. Also, getting a store in the wilderness is like a nightmare dream.

The good thing is that if you can design your water filter while in the wilderness will still serve the same purpose. Remember always to pass water through the water filter to remove the pathogens, causing diseases anytime you feel thirsty.

How To Make A Water Filter In The Wild?

The world has become unpredictable, and you never know any impending any dangers that can result in apocalypse-like situations. It is the reason why you need to endow yourself with survival skills regardless of the circumstance.

The main key factor to consider first while in the wilderness is drinking fresh and clean water. I have provided a step by step guide on how to make a water filter in the wild. These steps include:

Collection of Required Materials

You will need a knife for cutting the bark and birch bark for holding the bark into a cone shape funnel. You will also need a small olive branch to tie the cone together. Charcoal, sand, and gravels are other essential materials need for making a DIY water filter.

Design the Water Filter

Making a water filter is the wilderness for survival is quite simple and easy rather than boiling water in a wet forest. Fold the bark into a cone shape and use the knife for popping small holes in the overlapping angles of the cone.

Stitch the cone shape bark with the small olive branch through the holes and make square knots at the end. Smash the charcoal into small pieces inside cloth then place them at the center of the filter. Pile some gravels followed by the rocks, and your cleaner is ready.

Get Water for Filtration

There are various ways you can get water for filtration in the wilderness. You can collect water from running water, standing water (not recommended), cutting vines and plant perspiration.

Pour the collected water into the filter and allow it to drip slowly. The collect the water droplets in a clean container and drink. Filtered water is safe for drinking, and the chances of getting waterborne diseases are low.

Final Thoughts

I hope this comprehensive guide helped you understand the simplest way to make a water filter to help purify the water before you drink even when you are in the woods. If you are looking for more bushcraft tricks and hacks click here.

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