Best Kukri for Bushcraft 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

best Kukri for Bushcraft 2021

Survivalists are well familiar with the mora knives and bushcraft machetes.  However, many remain unaware of the bushcraft kukris, despite being the handiest and most versatile knives.  The unique abilities of the kukris combine the accuracy of precision knives and the performance of hatchets. They’re always ready to make your bushcraft chores simpler and fun.  … Read more

Best Sharpening Strops and Compounds 2021

Best Stropping Compound

If you are concerned about your blades’ wellbeing, strops will help to keep them sharp every once in a while.  While the traditional method of using a rock to sharpen a knife is still an effective method,  the strop and compound mechanism does a better job and achieves extremely sharp edges with minimal efforts.  So, … Read more

How to Tie a Clothesline Between Two Trees

How to Tie a Clothesline Between Two Trees

When camping in the wild, it’s essential to maintain good hygiene, and this includes keeping your clothes clean and dry. However, washing clothes in the bush can be so hectic, especially if you don’t have a suitable place to hang them for drying. This is where the clothesline comes into play. It’s usually a small … Read more

Best Ferro Rod and Firesteel- Firestarters for 2021

Best Ferro Rod and Firesteel- Firestarters for 2021

The best Ferro rod and firesteel is by far the perfect survival backup fire-starting tool for your bushcraft and prepping adventures. These firestarters don’t rely on fuel and is easier to use than the standard methods like strike-anywhere matches. Though small, this tool will start 1000+ fires with only one strike. It is one of … Read more

6 Best Books on Foraging and Bushcrafting

Best Foraging Book

Every beginner, amateur, and pro forager alike need a foraging book on hand for survival. Such a book will give a great start on identifying, harvesting and using wild plants. It also comes in handy when your emergency food supply is depleted, and you have no option but to hunt for wild edible plants.  We’ve … Read more

Best Bushcraft Chairs

Best Bushcraft Chairs

A bushcraft chair is essential camping equipment for most survivalists. It’s an opportunity to stretch the legs after a long and tiresome wilderness trail. For others still, it means popping open a chilled beer and relaxing to allow the breeze of the air to caress the face. While it’s tempting to turn your bushcraft blanket … Read more

Best Gaiters For Snake Protection 2021

Best Gaiters For Snake Protection

If you’re heading into the wild, it’s likely, you’ve already bought a robust pair of bushcraft boots. While the boots are a great choice to offer basic protection against insects, they may not be sturdy enough to withstand the venom of a wild snake. That’s where gaiters for snake protection come in! Gaiters maximize your … Read more

Best Bushcraft and Survival Matches

Best Bushcraft Matches

Survival can be a tricky affair if you do not have a fire. Even the crappiest and most old-school matches are better than nothing. Though the strike-anywhere matches are not as modern as fire pistons, they still offer a reliable way of lighting fire while in the wild. Pro survivalists will confirm that no dump … Read more

How to Find Flint in the Wild

How to Find Flint in the Wild

Flint is a type of stone that was widely used for sparking a fire in ancient times. It was also used as tool by some Native American Tribes. This mineral quartz stone is common in areas that were inhabited by Native Americans. With the modern technology and advanced ways to light a fire in seconds … Read more