Top 5 Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles for Boiling

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Spending time in the wild requires the right amount of hydration. Picture yourself in a forest, thirsty, and stranded. The stainless steel water bottles are an essential survival product that will mark the difference between having an enjoyable camping adventure or not.

These water bottles are perfect for outdoor preppers and fanatics. They give you peace of mind knowing that you have drinking water or beverage if thirst strikes. Therefore, whether you’re planning to go out for biking, camping, or hiking, this survival gear should be your must-have companion.

In this article, we shall look at the top 5 best stainless steel water bottles for boiling.

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Comparison Table

Stainless steel water bottles are perfectly configured to fit their survival purpose. The below comparison table will give you a glimpse of the main features that our top 5 best stainless steel water bottles for boiling have.





Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated Wave Bottle

25 oz

1.6 pounds

Simple Modern

Glacier Point Stainless Steel Water Bottle

25 oZ

1.6 pounds


Contigo Matterhorn Stainless Steel Bottle

32 oz

2 pounds


Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

20 oz

0.75 pounds

Klean Kanteen

YETI Rambler Water Bottle

18 oz 1.125 pounds YETI


Top Five Stainless Steel Bottles for Boiling

  1.     Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated Wave Bottle

Say goodbye to your water rings and invite the Simple Modern water bottles into your camping adventures!

These bottles feature double-walled exteriors and in between the walls is a vacuum seal. The layers help to maintain an ideal temperature for your drink, even for long hours. 

You will appreciate the bottle’s funky color design, coupled with durable and sturdy steel construction. More to this is that the steel is FDA approved and has an 18/8 grading.

The walls make the bottle durable and suitable for storing hot and cold drinks. This means that if you pop ice into the water bottle, the insulation will keep your water chilled for around 28 hours. Hot beverages will remain hot for about 12 hours.

It boasts a pearl finish that gives it an elegant and attractive sheen. Simple Modern is lightweight and compact and will fit perfectly well into your backpack or handbag. 

You will not fail to notice the metallic smell that will come out on opening it. It is therefore advisable to wash the bottle first using warm water before using it. The water bottle comes in different size ranges and colors; you’ll have a variety to select from. 

Its anti-condensation combats any outside moisture; thus, the surface is kept dry. Simple Modern’s narrow mouth helps to reduce sloshing and spills while drinking. The secure lid remains firmly closed and will not escape even when bent. 


  • Affordable
  • Excellent insulation for cold and hot drinks
  • Tightly fitting top lid
  • Attractive design
  • Available in different colors and size
  • Elegant, sleek design
  • Anti-sweat exterior design
  • Double-layered vacuum exterior


  • The small opening that does not allow ice cubes to fit well

2.  Glacier Point Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Glacier Point Stainless Steel Water Bottle boasts an adorable and stylish exterior that will attract all eyes. The features of this product are worth your money’s value. 

First, it comes with an 18/8 construction that is double-layered from a high food-grade. You needn’t worry about nasty odors and harmful toxins from the water bottle as it is BPA-free.

The excellent insulation allows you to pop in some ice and still get your liquid cold even after 24 hours. The bottle also maintains the temperature of hot liquids for about 12 hours.

The bottle’s medium-sized opening gives easy drinking. A plus is on the lovely cap that features a sporty design and a straw. You only need to flip open this cap and quench your thirst.

Its vacuum seal is tightly secured; it doesn’t allow liquids to leak out. Additionally, the exterior surface does not hold. Therefore, you can confidently and comfortably hold the bottle for long hours. 

Glacier Point Stainless Steel Water Bottle has a sturdy powdered coating; it protects the bottle when it drops. This excellent product is available in six colors; purple, white, red, brushed silver, grey, and green. 

Unlike many other stainless steel water bottles, Glacier Point brags a limited life-long warranty, covering any material and workman defects.


  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Large volume capacity
  • Leak-resistant
  • Durable
  • Excellent vacuum insulation
  • Tightly fitting lid


  • Straw doesn’t offer a good suction power

3.  Contigo Matterhorn Stainless Steel Bottle

Contigo Matterhorn is a lightweight stainless steel water bottle designed to keep your liquids hot and cold. The product offers good money value, and you’ll not regret any coin spent from your pockets. 

The bottle uses vacuum-sealed steel, which is odor-resistant and BPA-free. With this feature, it keeps your liquid cold for about 36 hours. Your hot coffee will also remain hot for about 14 hours. The outside will always stay dry.

Customers appreciate the sleek design of the bottle that fits well in hand. The loop design of the lid makes this bottle easy to carry during your camping activity. It fits into many cup holders.

Its mouth is wide to accommodate large-sized ice cubes. You’ll appreciate the leak-free cap that tightly fits the opening of the bottle. This lid also stays closed even when placed in your backpack and handbag.

The bottle’s material makes the bottle easy-to-clean. However, it’s advisable not to wash the water bottle with harsh detergents or inside a dishwasher to avoid damaging the seal.

If you’re a stylish camping enthusiast, Contigo Matterhorn Stainless Steel Bottle still got you covered! It is available in two colors; matte black and berry cents. 

Here’s an opportunity to enjoy a life-long warranty against the manufacturer’s defects.


  • Lightweight
  • Fits large ice 
  • Easy-grip
  • Two lovely colors
  • Durable steel construction
  • Cap is leak-resistant
  • Keeps liquids hot and cold for 14 and 36 hours, respectively


  • Ice cubes melt quickly

4.      Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen excels in storing both hot and cold drinks. Its durability and strength come from the high-quality 18/8 steel material that is BPA-free. It doesn’t retain any nasty odors even when storing liquids for long hours. 

Klean Kanteen comes in a sizable 64-ounce volume, and this gives sufficient room to store your liquids. Besides keeping the temperatures cold, the bottle also boils water. This makes it an ideal bottle for survival and camping.

Its 2.125-inch mouth is wide, and you won’t struggle filling it when empty. The wide opening makes it also usable with many water filters. The bottle doesn’t leak water into your handbag.

The water bottle’s smooth and sleek is cleanable, even in dishwashers. The loop-design cap comes handy in attaching a carabiner whenever you want the bottle to your backpack.

Klean Kanteen has an average volume of 40-ounces but still boasts a compact design. It is lightweight and best for your camping needs.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Can boil water in the bottle
  • Cap is sturdy and strong
  • Leak-resistant
  • Does not change the taste of the water
  • Can hold a lot of water
  • Can fit most water filters


  • Not ideal for keeping water very cold

5.      YETI Rambler Water Bottle

Yeti water bottle is a mighty over-engineered product that features double-walled vacuum insulation. This feature gives it the ultimate power to maintain your drinks’ temperatures, both cold and hot water, until your last sip.

The water bottle has nature-inspired DuraCoat colors that make it very attractive. The color lasts longer than your expectations; it won’t fade, peel, or crack. This coloring combines with the powder coating to withstand almost anything that your survival adventure throws at it. 

The undeniably rugged design makes it to live on, even in the weirdest of environments. Worth mentioning is that the water bottle is dishwasher-safe, and therefore, you’ll spend only a few minutes cleaning and much time chasing your outdoor adventures. Isn’t that what every camping fanatic wants?

Here’s something to celebrate; the no-leak TripleHaul Cap ensures the bottle doesn’t spill on your bag or camping truck cab. The cap is coupled with a finger grip to make the bottle your go-anywhere companion.

Nothing stands out more than the bottle’s 18/8 steel construction. This material makes the water bottle robust even in severe conditions. 

If you have a standard cup holder, rejoice, since this bottle will fit in perfectly well! The bottles can cool even in extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold. 

This Yeti product is very durable; if well-maintained, they will last long. The bottle’s cylindrical shape guarantees a stable stand and helps to maximize the volume. 

It is built to accommodate every sort of abuse. It is ideal for take-away drinks like soups, coffee, water, tea, crushed ice, and slushies. 


  •         Elegant design
  •         DuraCoat color that doesn’t fade
  •         Leak-free cap 
  •         Double-layered vacuum insulation
  •         Rigid stainless steel make
  •         Durable


  •         Customers complain of a noticeable amount of heat loss on the metal-threaded top lid of the bottle. 

Buyer’s Guide

With the multiple manufacturers in the current market, it may be challenging to determine the best stainless water bottle. However, knowing the factors that you need to consider when purchasing the best stainless steel water bottle is paramount to success.

To make your work easier, we’ve compiled six factors that you should consider when out for a purchase.

But first, let’s look at the various types of stainless steel water bottles;

Type of Water of Bottle

The two main water bottles in this category are the double-walled and single-walled steel water bottles. Below is an overview;

  • Single-Walled 

These stainless steel bottles only have a single 18/8 stainless steel layer. The layer is bisphenol (BPA) free. These water bottles not only keep your water fresh but also odor-free.

Additionally, they give excellent insulation levels when you’re storing the liquid for short amounts of time. Other than storing hot water, the bottles also boil water. It’s thus a brilliant idea for camping enthusiasts who will need drinking or coffee water.

  • Double-Walled

The double-layered steel bottles differ from the single-walled since they feature two 18/8 premium steel layers. These layers make them better performers as they give a superior insulation level for hot and cold liquids. 

Many manufacturers rely on 18/8 grading for better temperature control and improved durability.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Stainless Steel Water Bottles


Unlike the fragile glass, plastic, and aluminum bottles, steel bottles are force and pressure-resistant. They are tough and do not shatter. Proper maintenance means that you will enjoy their service for years. 

Because they are rust-resistant, you can be sure of always having fresh water. 

Design and Style 

Steel water bottles come in different designs and styles. These variants make it easy for you to choose the one that best meets your tastes and preferences.

The standard single-walled bottle comes with a small mouth that has a lovely screw-top sealing. Some water bottles have hydro-flask caps and an inserted straw. 

The market is witnessing even more designs. You may find a water bottle with an elegant sporty flip lid sealing that springs on opening. Others have wider openings that will enable you to pour in a colder beverage or ice in the bottle during summer seasons. 

The lids come as unique accessories to increase the bottle’s aesthetic appeal. Other manufacturers make these lids separately, and in such cases, you’ll pay a little extra to get the classic tops. 

Water Capacity

The steel water bottles come in different volumes. Some can only hold 25-ounces, enough for short camping adventures. You may also find larger bottles that contain anything between 40 – 64-ounces. 

When out for a purchase, choose one that best suits your water needs. However, you’ll need to be more careful not to select a big water bottle that will be bulky to carry along. 


There’s nothing as frustrating and annoying as leaking water bottles. Such water bottles can be disastrous, especially when packed near other personal stuff. You are likely to have wet backpacks or handbags. 

Be sure to buy a stainless steel water bottle that has a leak-resistant top lid. This way, you’ll avoid the inconveniences caused by leaking water bottles.

Type of Opening

The opening size of your bottle matters a lot. A small-sized mouth opening is beneficial as it will deliver water in small quantities. With this, you won’t spill out water as you drink. 

If you’re into the wider openings, you’ll enjoy the sufficient space it gives whenever you want to drop in some ice cubes in the bottle. Therefore, it is important to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of both and go for your desired one.  


A camping adventure needs a lightweight water bottle that won’t be heavy carrying along. Go for lightweight and compact water bottles that feature a slim-line design.

These features make them easily portable. Additionally, they’ll fit nicely into your backpack or handbag. You’re likely to find cylindrical-shaped bottles that have a carabiner clip. The clip is handy whenever you’re cycling; it attaches the bottle to your bike’s handlebars.


If you’re looking for a water bottle that has life-long durability, ensure you buy one with a powder-coat treatment.

Typically, the treatment is sprayed on the exteriors parts of the water bottle. With this, the outer material becomes more dent and scratch-resistant. This treatment also gives the bottle an appealing silver sheen.

Non-Sweat Technology

This technology helps to improve the insulation levels. 

A water bottle that features no-sweat insulation can maintain the liquid’s temperature on the inside while keeping the outside surface dry with no buildup of sweat. 

Ease of Wash

You will need to wash your stainless steel water bottles regularly, even when out in the wild. However, it is worth noting that outdoor activities need less washing but require adventure. That said, it is wise to buy a water bottle that allows easy scrubbing and washing. 

Some are machine-washable, while others will require “manual” cleaning. Either way, your to-buy stainless steel water bottle should have a thermal lining and a body that can be dismantled. These features will help you clean the bottle within the shortest time possible. 

Our Top Pick ~ Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated Wave Bottle

Are you an outdoor fanatic or sporting professional? Or do just need a stainless steel water bottle that is lightweight and thus easily portable? Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated Wave Bottle balances all your preferred requirements. It takes the crown home in our top 5 list of stainless water bottles for boiling thanks to its functionality and durability.

Whether you’re planning to use it for storing cold crisp water or piping hot coffee, it will meet your drinking needs. It keeps cold drinks for 28 hours and hot coffee or tea for 12 hours, longer than what any of the remaining water bottles in our list can do. It doesn’t leak and thus, forget the exterior surface stays dry all day long. The wide range of colors give you a variety to choose. Here’s an opportunity to get what best fits your budget, taste, and lifestyle.

All the best in your purchase!

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